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Wincomn participated in the World’s first Chan Sect Live Show
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“Chan Sec Sanctuary · the sixth patriarch Huineng” debuted successfully recently. This is the key project of the 12th five-year plan of Guangdong province, and also the core project of the "China · new Chan Sect town", which covers an area of 1,800 Mu, and a total investment of 2 billion Yuan. The performance is based on the story of HuiNeng's life, includes a series of shows such as, "Chan sound wall", "Space-time tunnel", "Buddha’s hand”, "bodhi tree", "Lotus Theater “and so on. Wincomn is involved in equipment installation and integration for the tunnel, the large folding screen, the Buddha’s hand and Lotus Theater. Meanwhile, it also undertook the strong electricity and weak electricity work for the related projects.

The world's largest Chan sound wall of 228 bells

The Chan sound wall is the first section of the performance. The entire wall is composed of 228 bells, covering an area of 600 square meters. The night-view of Chan walls changed colors by different lighting effects. The monk handed a red light and walked to the top of the wall. With the wonderful Chan music and the low voice of the old man, visitors seem to be brought into another world.



Chan sound wall


 The Narrator monk

The 60-meter long space-time tunnel

When passing by the Chan sound wall, a 60-meter-long space-time tunnel appeared in front of the tourists. Wincomn designed projection mapping on the one side of the internal surface of the tunnel, and also on the telescopic box embedded in tunnel. The application of projection systems, combined with the live performance, made the tourists travel through time and space, and experience the origin of the Chan culture and the story of the five ancestors.



The projection on the wall


The projection on the box 

45-meter-wide world's largest folding screen

There is a 45-meter-wide huge folding screen at the end of the tunnel .In order to display the scriptures completely and also create the relative atmosphere, Wincomn designed the projection to match different angle of the folding screen. By blending and warping, the projection on the screen looked fabulous. Meanwhile, the projectors were installed outdoors to make the image look more flexible and smooth. Then, the folding screen opened, and a giant Buddha’s hand, as high as 9 meters, came out. The golden image shot onto the Buddha's hand immediately, and the story of “the sixth patriarch Huineng” is just started.


The projection on the folding screen


The projection on the huge Buddha's hand

 9 groups of lifting bodhi tree

Walking Over the screen, you can see nine large bodhi trees standing in the center of the square. As the show went on, the trees were moving to different positions and the image on the trees were changing. Wincomn also designed three sets of irregular projections to increase the show atmosphere. Then, the audiences were guided to the building on the side of the square, and to watch the classic stories of HuiNeng's life. 


The huge bodhi tree


The hall performances

360-degree-rotatable Lotus Theater on the water

Finally, it is the core section of the whole performance -- Lotus Theater, which can be rotated 360 degrees, and the "petals" can be opened. The design of the theater was quite novel and surprising. And it can hold more than a thousand spectators.



The day and night view of the lotus theater

As the video integrator of this project, Wincomn made a delicate design for Lotus Theater. The background of the main stage was composed of a dozen pieces of gauze; the images were shot onto the gauze and the ground respectively but still created a complete picture. As the show went on, the images were changing frequently. 


The projection on the gauze and the ground 


The projection on the ground 

As the show went on, the lotus theater slowly turned around, and the petals opened up. At the same time, three outdoor stages such as the palace wall, the lake, and the square came out to the audience. The outdoor landscape and indoor stage went on in turns, which connected the whole story and created a grand spectacle.



Petals open, external stage appears

With the upgrading of tourism industry, such large-scale show as “Chan Sec Sanctuary · the sixth patriarch Huineng” will put higher requirement for the A/V technology. As a high-end A/V service provider, Wincomn will continuously provide customers with professional equipment and services, and bring the ultimate visual experience to the audience.

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