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Wincomn participated in the project of "legend of Qitaihe" proje
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At night, before a building in the city of Qitaihe, known as the capital of coal, a moving legend is playing out as the night falls.


This building is China's supply and marketing • Qitaihe trade expo city,which is located in the northern coast of Qitaihe emerging area of the town. It covers an area of about 18.62 hectares, with a total construction area of 275,661 square meters, with a total investment of about 1.6 billion yuan. Its goal is to become a modern commodity expo trading center, and to cast China's first - class trade and cultural tourism complex.Wincomn participated in the projection design and integration of the large projection show—"legend of Qitaihe"


In order to broaden the view, and make full use of the outer space of the expo city, the projection show  decided to use the LED screen and the projector to synchronize the playback mode at last,so the biggest problem in this project is the simultaneous playback of the projector and the LED screen, and Wincomn adopted the 7thsense media server to solve this problem well.


In the aspect of projection design, the projection system designed for the project is the largest utilization of each projector's own brightness and resolution, without any waste.The projection of the total area is more than 180 square meters, in order to guarantee the smooth picture playback and the authenticity of colors, Wincomn adopted Christie S + 22 k - J projector, the test equipment has experienced a lot of big projects, performance is very stable. At the request of large area image display, the color of projection screen on both sides is basically the same.

Through the participation of the projector, the picture has a larger extension space, with the perfect synchronization, the whole performance is more powerful, the effect is shocking and fascinating.


The comprehensive application of A/V technology has already highlighted its advantages in various industries, and the auditory and visual enjoyment can be more thoroughly communicated in the propaganda.With many years of experience in the field of cultural tourism and technical equipment, Wincomn is committed to creating a more excellent visual audio projection project for customers, which will bring the maximum publicity effect to the project.

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