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Wincomn created a fantasy projection for the experience show "dr
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Wincomn created a fantasy projection for the experience show "dream on the bund: a song of Shanghai"

On May 28th, a new immersive experience show named "dream on the bund: a song of Shanghai" was staged in Shanghai's Union Church. The show which themed  Shanghai's classic historical events and characters,created by the combination of semi-surrounding screen projection and dancing techniques was make a deep impression on the audience.Wincomn was responsible for screens and desktop projection in this project, and completed the design and integration of video system.


Veil projection

Union Church has a history of 132 years, the performance space is over 400 square meters,and in the east, west, south, north four directions are set performance areas.In the north, east and west make veil projection stage, the stage of the south is given priority to with LED, three veil screen linkage projection,and surrounded by the whole in the middle of the stage, create a multidimensional space play experience for the audience.


Veil projection

To ensure the perfect performance, Wincomn provided more than 10 laser projectors for this experience show, aiming at the screen screen and the desktop.


As for screen projection, it is mainly aimed at screen in the North, east and west.To save the church interior space, Wincomn designers in the model selection and installation of the projector has made a careful consideration,after careful debugging, the projection picture is exquisite and meticulous, the imaging quality is very high, and the stage performance effect is perfect.



Veil projection

The vivid and illusory projection images on the screen, coupled with the scene lights, music and the performance of the actors, an imaginary space slowly unfolded in front of the audience.Three veil linkage performance, and interact with each other between different images, will link up the three different stage to create distinct layers, the audience with fully extend visual effect  is successfully substituted into the "past" of Shanghai.


Desktop projection

The innovation of this experience show lies in the dining link between performances,and Wincomn completed the projection work on the dining-table.Due to the special materials on the surface of the table, the imaging of the projector is difficult. After technical treatment, the projection picture is presented beautifully on the table.

In addition, the Alcorn control device and coolux media server are used by Wincomn to ensure the high quality and lossless playback of the images in the whole project.


Veil projection

 The  experience show "dream on the bund: a song of Shanghai" make full use of the church building space,adopt three veil screen projection, precision table projection, dispersing performance area, a single seat can rotate, opera performance forms, montage screen, make a church in an era of living, implements a grand narrative arts.This kind of performance method, which preserves the original features of ancient buildings and revitalizes them by technological means, will become a popular trend of urban experience show.

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