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Christie HS+dnp Infinity,Wincomn Design Laser Large-scale Screen
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Christie HS+dnp Infinity,Wincomn Design Laser Large-scale Screen Display for Power Grid Company

With the science and technology advances, people are more urgent for high definition, large-scale, real restore, soft display and long-term durability of display system, especially in kinds of control room, command room , monitoring room and exhibition hall, higher requirements are put forward for the design and construction of display system.


Recently, Wincomn constructs a set of three-channel front projection fusion display system with dnp Supernova Infinity front screen and laser projectors for Lishui Powe Grid Company of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd.
State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of State Grid and a core enterprise in energy field of Zhejiang Province. Its command room screen plays an important role in the work. Therefore, the client is more cautious in the choice of design scheme and product. The display system designed by Wincomn obtains clients' choice by its excellent screen display effect and stable, efficient and convenient system operation.


The screen size is 7.2 meters long and 1.8 meters wide,Wincomn uses dnp Supernova Infinity front screen for it.The screen has modern material technology, coating technology and optical microlens technology, which solves the projection problem in brightly-lit environments. It can provide 10 times higher image contrast and seamless viewing experience than ordinary front screen, without glare. The surface of the screen is hard film , scratch-proof , long service life , easy to install. It is the preferred product for conference room and command room.

The brightness of Christie D13WU-HS laser projector is as high as 13500 lumens,and Christie Real Black technology can provide ultra-high contrast and make the quality of the picture more clear and reality; Christie BoldColor technology can accurately reproduce more real color saturation and high brightness, making the picture more gorgeous and delicate; Laser light source makes the projector have longer life, high reliability and high quality. Efficiency and operational safety reduce the workload of operation and maintenance for the client; 24-hour operation capability provides a guarantee for the uninterrupted use of the screen.


dnp Supernova Infinity and Christie D13WU-HS projectors are perfectly matched in brightly-lit environment to constitute a high-quality integrated display system, which provides a brighter, vivid and sharp display effect for the center.The system has the characteristics of high operation safety, high efficiency and high reliability, long service life, small operation and maintenance workload, which saves maintenance costs and ensures the frequent, safe and efficient use of the center.

The whole display system is designed by Wincomn, which not only meets the actual needs of the client, but also makes the combination of dnp Supernova Infinity front screen and Christie D13WU-HS laser projector become the classic design in large-scale screen display system.

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