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Wincomn participated in the IAAPA 2019
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On June 12, the IAAPA  Asia Expo 2019 opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the theme of "Taohuayuan at Night", Wincomn booth brings many projection displays, case sharing, practical application of brand products, and brilliant presentation of creative planning. It enables the audience to feel the wonderful experience brought by the combination of nature and light, and witnesses the infinite possibilities of modern tourism given by scientific and technological means.



Electronic Digital Sand Table:Taohuayuan at Night

 Entering the booth, the first thing to be seen is a digital sand table interactive display. With the theme tourism planning of night tour as the main content, the audience can grasp the whole route of night tour by interacting with digital sand table and clicking to see the specific details of each scenic spot. This interactive display way can make the audience have a more immersive experience.


3DMappingShow:<The Love Story of Heavenly Horse >

In the middle of the booth is a 3D mountain model. Wincomn projected the theme video of <The Love Story of Heavenly Horse > on the mountain through the Christie D4K40-RGB projector. The projector is the latest real laser projector introduced by Christie. It can achieve unparalleled color reduction and 40,000 lumen brightness, and precisely restore the true effect of video. The content of the video is independently planned and produced by Wincomn, which cooperates with the theme of the night tour performance, so that the audience can enjoy the natural mountain projection on the spot and bring fun and excitement.



Multi-screen Synchronized Broadcasting: Creative Planning Achievements from Wincomn

On the right side of the projection show, it is a simultaneous display of six screens. The content is a sample of Wincomn's video sources and a collection of successful cases. It fully demonstrates Wincomn's video source planning, production and project construction ability. The video was debugged by Wincomn engineer and synchronized by Alcorn entertainment controller.


Night Tour Route Planning and Display --"Penglai under the Moon" Night Tour Planning

With the increasing popularity of night tour projects, people are also full of curiosity about the specific content of night tour. With rich experience in night tour projects, Wincomn brings visitors a demonstration of "Penglai under the Moon" night tour plan, which enables the audience to fully understand the specific process of night tour and intuitively experience the novel experience of "step by step".


Product Display - Christie, Alcorn, 7thsense, Scalable

In addition to the D4K40-RGB projector, Wincomn also brought products such as 4K10-HS, DWU850-GS projector, Alcorn controller, 7thsense media server, Scalable metamorphosis fusion software and so on. Through mountain projection, video broadcast and spherical screen deformation fusion, the performance and characteristics of each product can be clearly and intuitively understood.



Eight Categories of Case Demonstration: Full Presentation 

In the exterior wall of the booth, Wincomn brings eight kinds of actual project case demonstrations: Fantasy Night Tour, Flying Theater, Dome Theater , Projection Show, Live-Action Performance, Exhibitions, Dark Ride and Theater. There are more actual project video circulating on the scene, so the audience can have a deeper understanding of Wincomn's comprehensive service ability.


Sand table, ball curtain, stereo projection, video simultaneous broadcasting, product exhibition and other contents will decorate the Wincomn booth into a beautiful and mysterious "indoor Taohuayuan", which will bring surprise and constant visitor experience to the audience!

 The exhibition will continue until June 14. Wincomn invites you to visit "Taohuayuan" at the HallW3 #3642 of Shanghai New International Expo Center.

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