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Wincomn Completed The Project Construction with High Quality an
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Wincomn Completed The Project Construction with High Quality and Got a Letter of Thanks

Recently, Wincomn received a thank-you letter from Kunming Sunac Land. Wincomn participated in the flying dome screen cinema project of fly over Yunnan in the park , and completed the work with high quality and high responsibility. Therefore, the client sent a formal letter of thanks.


Flying over Yunnan is a key project of the park. With a 20 meter diameter dome screen, suspended experience device and six degree of freedom flight simulation, the cinema creates super high altitude flight effects, which makes tourists feel more real and magnificent Yunnan scenery from the sky. In this project, 8K, 60 frames, 8bit, 4:4:4 completely uncompressed dome screen movie playing is a technical problem. For this reason, Wincomn has adopted several 7thSense media servers to overcome the technical difficulties , and successfully solved the problem of synchronous movie playing, and won precious time for the opening of Kunming Sunac Land.

 In the course of more than ten years' service, Wincomn has won the trust and praise of many partners and users. In the future, Wincomn will continue to complete every project with a professional, dedicated and efficient working attitude, and provide users with more quality services.



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