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Wincomn participated in the projection show of Fotang town
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The 3D light projection show of Wanshan pontoon in the Fotang town is a fixed performance of Fotang town. The content of the projection show is divided into four chapters: "Listening, Remembering, Watching and Expectation". The main content of the show is the ancient and modern development and myths and legends of Fotang town. 

When night falls, the lights begin to shine. This projection show, which combines projection performance, LED lamp, hazen device, laser, sound effect, high-tech control and other technologies, makes the solemn and monotonous Wanshan Pavilion and Yiwu Riverside colorful and moving, endows Yiwu Riverside with new vitality, and also lights up the night of Fotang town.



The projection design is mainly in three parts: Wanshan pavilion, pontoon bridge and levee.

Wanshan pavilion is a traditional Chinese pavilion, 13 meters high and 19 meters wide. What should be solved in the projection design is the problem of irregular projection carrier imaging, which is caused by large color deviation with the pavilion itself. Therefore, for the main body of the attic,Wincomn adopts several sets of Christie HS series projectors for fusion projection.

The projector has a single brightness of up to 20,000 lumens, with Christie's patented BoldColor technology to enhance the color accuracy, to solve the influence of pavilion building color deviation on the projection color. At the same time, Christie Twist™ can be built into the machine to quickly and easily construct and calibrate unconventional projection carriers, so that the overall pavilion presents an accurate and perfect picture.



In the projection part of the levee and pontoon bridge, the design adopts the cross-river projection. The projector is installed on the other side of the river 170 meters wide to project three pictures of the two sides of the levee and pontoon bridge respectively.

In the projection design, the designer should take into account the influence factors such as ultra-long distance, fog and river humidity, and the projection screen depth of the levee and the pontoon bridge is more than 50 meters, which makes the projection difficult to focus. To do this, wincomn used a Christie 3DLP projector, the Crimson series projector.

The highest brightness of this series of projectors is up to 30000 lumens. With BoldColor technology, this projector has excellent picture quality playback and color reduction functions, ensuring the imaging effect of three pictures, solving the depth of field and the problem of cross-river projection imaging. At the same time, in dealing with the influence factors such as river damp, in addition to the high level of the Christie projector itself sealed protection, but also designed a moisture-proof box for the projector, a good solution to the problem.




Before installing in the project, the projector span 170 meters, pavilions, levee, floating bridge three main projection screen broadcast and high-quality screen showing very challenging, win, with 7thSense media server and Alcorn entertainment broadcast control system, the distribution of the river on both sides to synchronize and control, and passes stylist elaborate debugging, allowing projection performance to nondestructive, precise and synchronization.



Under the cover of the night, the wonderful projection performance deeply attracted the tourists, people in the bustling old town for a day, finally calm down, enjoy the colorful, beautiful projection performance, feel the unique charm and culture of this millennium old town.

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