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Wincomn received a Letter of Thanks for Excellent Technical Serv
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Wincomn received a Letter of Thanks for Excellent Technical Service for Wuxi Sunac Land

Recently, Wincomn participated in the construction of "Taihu show" project of Wuxi Sunac Land, and its customer-oriented service spirit and excellent technical service ability were highly recognized by customers. Therefore, the customer sent a formal thank you letter.

In the thank-you letter, the customer said: Wincomn technology team "has carried forward the glorious tradition of an excellent enterprise, and actively solved the problems for Party A. as soon as the equipment arrived at the site, it quickly organized the construction, completed the installation, commissioning and rectification work before opening at the fastest speed, and actively cooperated with the special equipment department, operation equipment department and the production team of Franco Dragone. Not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tiredness, cooperate with Party A all night long to complete the rectification work in advance. For Wuxi Sunac Land "Taihu show" the smooth opening of the project won valuable time.


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