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7thSense and Wincomn Renew Their Contract
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Recently, 7thSense, a famous media server brand in the world, renewed its contract with Wincomn at the 2020 Netherlands ISE Audio- Visual and system integration exhibition. The two sides will continue to maintain long-term cooperation and work together to provide high-quality services to customers in China.


7thSense has close cooperation with many famous brands, such as Rolling stone, Radio City, Disney, Universal Studios, Sunac Land, etc. In 2016, 7thSense also completed the world's first real-time uncompressed 4K 120Hz 3D system for the famous director Ang Lee's movie "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk". Now, 7thSense cooperates with Wincomn in a series of products, including Infinity series, Nucleus series, Proton series, Pico series and Nano-SDI software.


Infinity Series

Infinity series can play completely uncompressed media, and has a wide range of hardware and software options. It can play uncompressed video up to 8K x 4K 60fps or 4K 240fps, which is suitable for various cutting-edge display demand projects and various large-scale complex projection shows;


Nucleus Series

Nucleus series can provide up to 6 channels of 60fps HD / WUXGA / 2K uncompressed media playback, and can choose automatic correction based on camera, real-time deformation and fusion functions, which are very suitable for on-site activities, planetariums, ball screen cinemas, global screen projection and other projects;


Proton Series

With the function of real-time deformation and fusion, Proton series supports up to 4-channel projection and full frame synchronization, which is very suitable for 3D interactive mesh mode;


Pico Series

Pico series supports 3-channel 2K or 1-channel 4K, which is suitable for dark riding, water show, architectural projection and other projects;



Nano -SDI can introduce uncompressed media playback into the fixed installation workflow, mainly used in theme parks, museums, science centers and scenic spots.

History and achievements of cooperation

Since 2014, Wincomn and 7thSense have maintained good cooperation in the past6years, and jointly participated in many complex and difficult projects in China. The project types cover large-scale paradise, ball screen cinema, architectural projection show, night tour performance, water show and other aspects, and won praise from many customers.


In terms of theme parks, we have participated in such park projects as Sunac Land, Wanda Park, Haichang dreamland, Changlong, Colorful Yunnan, etc;


In terms of ball screen cinema, museum and Planning Museum, we participated in the ball screen cinema of Northern Shaanxi folk song Museum, the ball screen cinema of Suzhou Youth Science and Technology Museum, the tomb projection of Hunan Museum, the ball screen cinema of Wuxingzhan, the three-dimensional ball screen cinema of The Great Wall of Dreams, Changchun Planning Museum and other projects;


In terms of architectural projection show, night tour performance and water show, we participated in the night tour projection show of Jinhua Fotang town in Zhejiang Province, sand table projection show of Lotus Garden in Tang Dynasty, rockery projection show of Tang Paradise, the projection of Linjiang bridge tower in Wuhu, the light&projection show of Jinan Liberation Pavilion, projection show of North cinema in Qingdao, night tour performance of four hole fairyland, large-scale lighting projection show in Han City, Shaanxi Shangluo Danhe tower projection show, Gubei town Wangjing tower projection show and many other projects.

Now,Wincomn and 7thSense will continue to cooperate well to provide professional media broadcast solutions for customers and users and present excellent performances for the public.

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