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Wincomn Participated in the Projection Show of Fuliang
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Recently, in order to develop the night tour economy of Jingdezhen and build the Silk Road porcelain tea Town, a large-scale art light and shadow show "Shuimu Fuliang · Guya Nnight Fair " sponsored by Fuliang development group was officially staged in Fuliang ancient city. Wincomn has completed the projection design, installation and debugging work for the projection show.




The projection show is composed of four chapters, namely, THE ORIGIN Of FULIANG, The Source Of Porcelain, THE SOURCE OF SILK ROAD, and The Past And Present. It vividly interprets the long-standing porcelain culture, tea culture, silk road culture and folk culture in Fuliang. It tells tourists about Fuliang's past and present life through lighting, projection and sound effects, and completes a dialogue between ancient and modern times through time and space.





The ancient gate tower in the performance is 113 meters long. The highest part of the gate tower is 17 meters. The longitudinal depth between the wall and the tower is 35 meters. It is a magnificent classic ancient city building. It was built in the eleventh year of the Tang Dynasty . It has a history of more than 1180 years. With its rich experience in ancient architecture projects, Wincomn has adopted more than ten laser projectors for the project. According to the characteristics of the building, it has adopted projectors with different brightness such as 20000 lumens, 17000 lumens and 13000 lumens for flexible mixed design. From the high brightness requirements of the equipment, high-quality picture presentation, to the stable, reliable and silent operation of the system, the projection scheme ensures the good viewing experience of more than 1000 tourists, presenting a delicate and beautiful ancient city light and shadow show.




Under the action of  projection , the ancient gate tower becomes dynamic and charming. The picture of  FLOOD, DESERT, BEACON FIRE, BLUE BRICK, PORCELAIN, FIELD and  CITY appears on the wall ,which form a gorgeous picture with oriental charm. With the beautiful natural environment of the scenic area and the brilliant light and shadow landscape of nearly 20000 meters, the whole ancient city is immersed in a wonderful situation, so that visitors can feel a magnificent visual feast through time and space.




In recent years, the major scenic spots pay more and more attention to the development of night tourism economy, which can not only make full use of the resources of the scenic spots, but also enable tourists to deeply experience the local cultural atmosphere and create tourism projects with immersion. As an early company in the field of night travel, Wincomn has rich project experience and is committed to providing customers with advanced technical support and creative design to jointly create exquisite night tour projects.

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