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Wincomn Participated in The Live Performance of The Home Town
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A few days ago, The Home Town held a public performance in " Hakkas Hometown" in Meixian County, Guangdong Province. The total investment of "Hakkas Hometown" is 5 billion yuan, covering an area of more than 2000 mu. The Home Town is one of its core formats. Wincomn participated in the design of performance projection system, equipment supply, installation and commissioning.


Hakkas Hometown (via Baidu )


The Live performance

One show, five big stages. The auditorium in the middle of the stage can rotate 360°and move back and forth. The upper floor of the theater is Hakka house, which has practical use function. The projection performance, including a 500 square meter large LED screen including ice screen, a large water machinery turnover platform, lighting, water mist, stage setting and other scientific and technological means, as well as an artistic lineup of nearly 200 people, presents a stirring Hakka history for the audience.


Hakkas Hometown (via Baidu )


A Floating Ice Screen Stage Installation


The LED Stage

Wincomn has mainly participated in the integration of performance projection system, including the design of projection system, on-site construction and commissioning for nearly three months for four stages including water stage in Hakka Weilou five performance stages, Weilou stage on both sides of auditorium and main stage lifting device.



In order to make the performance more powerful, projectors are used to project the background in two performances on both sides of the main stage. When the curtain is lowered, the three-story building, which is usually used as guest rooms, becomes a projection screen about 11 meters high and 30 meters long. When the audience's seats change at an angle of 180 ° between the two stages, the projection picture of the Weilou upstairs also changes, creating a performance atmosphere, giving the performance a more realistic sense of presence, and attracting the audience into the plot.



When the curtain rises, the Weilou becomes a stage. The actors upstairs and downstairs perform at the same time. The projector projects the pictures on the Weilou and the actors. The actors promote the plot and create an atmosphere. A natural performance with film quality is presented to the audience.

After the LED screen stage was opened, the auditorium was pushed out of the Weilou performance area, which is the last act of the play - water stage. Wincomn projected the 70 meter long and 8-meter-high wall of the water stage performance area. Dozens of actors dressed in ethnic costumes turned a curtain call performance into a painting with national characteristics under the joint action of lifting stage, lighting, running water and projection A touching picture of national characteristics.

Wincomn also projects the mobile devices on the stage to match the performance content, rendering the scene environment more breathtaking.



In the construction process of the performance, due to the different stage layout, it puts forward higher challenges for the construction and debugging.

First of all, the installation of equipment is very difficult. In this project, the projector is installed on the 360 ° rotating auditorium in the middle of the stage, so in the projection design, the designer should ensure that the projection picture is not offset or missing after the projector is rotated, and the projection picture should be bright and clear enough.After detailed model simulation, the final project was finalized, using 8 sets of 31500 lumen brightness projectors to complete the projection work. The projection scheme ensures the imaging effect after the picture changes, so that each projection carrier can present a delicate and bright picture, ensuring a higher quality of performance.



Secondly, the debugging of the projector is very difficult. The distance between each stage and the projector is different, and the angle of the auditorium is 180 degrees, which brings challenges to the debugging work. By virtue of the projector's projection focus memory function and the pitch memory controlled by Alcorn central control equipment, after many on-site adjustments by technicians, the projection picture perfectly fits with each stage set. At the same time, with rich construction experience, the technicians have completed the shock proof installation of the projector, eliminated the shaking caused by the rotation, forward and backward operation of the auditorium, and ensured the smooth operation of the projector.



Thirdly, on the playback equipment, Wincomn uses 7thsense playback server to complete the lossless and uncompressed playback of the picture on the screen, the enclosure and the wall, so that each projection carrier can present a vivid performance picture; at the same time, Alcorn entertainment broadcast control system is used to control the switch of the projector and the server to ensure that the projection picture can be accurate when the audience changes direction In the future performance, Alcorn control system will also undertake the backup of the actual functions of the central control system of the whole performance system.



With the end of the water stage performance, a performance which integrates many high-tech equipment and mobilizes more than 200 performers has also drawn the curtain. It is worth mentioning that in 2018, Wincomn participated in the marching live performance of “Chan Sec Sanctuary · the sixth patriarch Huineng”, which was also directed and produced by Mei Hong. With rich project experience, considerate construction service and highly creative projection design, Wincomn will continue to improve its service to bring customers and users a wonderful live show.

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