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Wincomn Participates in The Construction of Art Space Projection
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Wincomn Participates in The Construction of Art Space Projection System of Beijing Daxing International Airport

 Beijing Daxing International Airport(BDIA) is officially put into use in 2019. As a new national gate, Daxing airport not only gives tourists a good start, but also undertakes the important task and mission of excellent cultural carriers and communicators.



Located on the second floor of the terminal, the digital experience hall of "Light and sShadow Tour" of Daxing airport uses multimedia digital technology to provide visitors with an immersive interactive space for appreciating and experiencing art through projection, interaction, video art, music and other means. Wincomn carried out projection design, equipment supply, construction and installation for the hall.


The theme of the exhibition is "Four Seasons in The Eyes of The Master". Eight paintings are selected from Van Gogh's "Almond Blossom", "Green Wheat Field with Cypress", "The Starry Night", "Sunflower", "Harvest", "Wild rose", Monet's "Le Bassinaux Nympheas" and "Melting of Floes at Vétheuil", showing growth, blooming, maturity and withering. Visitors can be in the paintings, feel the touch of the change of seasons and the renewal of all things, and experience the nature in the paintings of art giants.



In order to build the digital experience hall into a modern exhibition hall full of visual shock, customers have strict requirements for the exhibition quality and the perfect presentation of paintings. With professional projection system design, Wincomn has been recognized.




The hall is composed of the preface hall and the main hall. The projection area includes two walls of the preface hall, five walls of the main hall, and one floor of the interactive area. Wincomn designers use the shortest ultra short focus projection scheme to project the horizontal direction of each area wall to the full screen, realizing the seamless integration of all pictures in the main hall and the sequence hall. After field investigation, the exhibition hall does not have the conditions for direct installation on the roof, so they design a special structure for projector installation, which makes full use of the site space and ensures that the projection pictures are not affected Tourist interference.



More than ten laser projectors used in the project are compact, lightweight and quiet, which are very suitable for the use environment of the exhibition hall. At the same time, the advanced color reproduction ability of the projectors makes all paintings present realistic visual effects. The all-weather long-term operation meets the high-frequency use needs of the prosperous airport, and more than ten devices realize intelligent operation Simple and convenient management and operation, saving maintenance costs and human operation costs for customers, improving the use efficiency of the exhibition hall.



After the completion of the projection system, the digital experience hall can instantly lead tourists into the mode of "people in the middle of the painting". Stars are shining on the top of the head, paintings are flowing around, interaction on the ground is full of fun, roses and water lilies, stars and ice floes, wheat fields and sunflowers are changing in light and shadow, and music is melodious. The whole exhibition fully mobilizes the visual, listening, touching and other sensory experience, so that visitors can complete the emotional link between the works and the audience in the space dimension of reality and virtual interaction, and have a wonderful encounter with the master Meet me.



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