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Wincomn Participates in 360°Circular Screen Projection of Pavili
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Wincomn Participates in 360°Circular Screen Projection of Pavilion 4, Ocean Flower Island Museum 

A few days ago, "century · tide - 2020 Haihua Island International Art Invitational Exhibition" opened in Ocean Flower  Island, Hainan, China. 176 sets of works by 95 artists from 24 countries and five continents were exhibited in Ocean Flower Island Museum. The exhibition invited the world's most representative artists and their latest works, which can be regarded as the most academic, representative and high-level international visual art feast held in China and even around the world under the background of anti epidemic.


The Ocean Flower Island Museum, which is the sea Museum funded by Evergrande group, covers an area of 74000 square meters and a total building area of about 23000 square meters. It is composed of eight modern single buildings, and is one of the star formats of Ocean Flower island. This art exhibition covers the 2-7 halls of Ocean Flower island Museum, and Wincomn participated in the construction of projection system of pavilion 4, art and Technology Museum.




Pavilion 4 is the first 360°digital media art museum in Hainan Province , with a construction area of 1639 square meters, is mainly composed of a ring screen with a diameter of 30 meters and an open ground of more than 700 square meters. Xiaochun Liao, a Chinese artist, and Federico Soimi, an Italian artist, were invited to participate in the exhibition, with Xiaochun Liao's Restart and Federico Soimi's Big Farce as the main contents to interact with the audience.

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Wincomn provided dozens of Christie projectors for the exhibition to project the circular screen and the ground respectively. In the process of deepening the design, the rationality of the installation point of each projector is demonstrated to ensure the exquisite presentation effect of each picture and the fusion effect of the whole picture. The brightness, color restoration and picture uniformity of the whole projection system perfectly reproduce the artist's works and bring the audience a shocking and realistic visual experience; The projector used has the characteristics of small floor area, light weight and quiet operation, which ensures the audience's visiting effect. The long-lasting and durable features of the equipment also meet the all-weather use needs of the venue.



The exhibition is an immersive experience light and shadow garden jointly built by art and technology. The art works displayed by projection cover the huge ring screen and the ground, making the pavilion a 360°Immersive space, open space and huge psychedelic works of art wrap the visitors in a "chaotic" universe. At this moment, the works of art become the object of gazing at the audience.


Under the influence of music and technology, each character and scene in the painting has a new interpretation, which interprets a new story and atmosphere. In this huge projection space, the audience successfully immerses themselves in the work, becoming a part of the work and a part of the story. People experience the magic and splendor of the art world, feel the thinking of art masters about human beings, and ask some absurd questions about human society.





Over the years, Wincomn has participated in a number of Museum projection projects, including the National Museum of China, the Shanghai Museum of nature, the Palace Museum, the Hunan Provincial Museum, the Chengjiang fossil site museum, the Xiangtan Museum, the Humen Naval Battle Museum, the Taizhou salt tax Museum, the Yungang Grottoes Museum, and the Linyi Museum Cultural exhibition and academic exchange provide excellent digital image content presentation.

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