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Wincomn participated in the construction the Dome Theater of Sha
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Wincomn participated in the construction the Dome Theater of Shanbei Folk Song Museum


It is believe that a large number of people experience dome theater in a museum, but the Shanbei Folk Song Museum has made an innovation in the dome theater , it gives the audience an extraordinary experience through its unique shape and complete immersion.


 The Shanbei Folk Song Museum is a special museum that takes the culture of northern Shaanxi as the element, the folk music as the main theme, reflects the historical changes and humanistic spirit of northern Shaanxi, and integrates folk song research and creation, training and exchange, performance promotion and product research and development. In order to enable the audience to feel the charm of folk culture in northern Shaanxi more immersive, the museum created an immersive dome theater with a diameter of 14 meters, for which Wincomn is involved in the projection design, equipment installation, debugging and other work.


On the basis of the traditional dome theater , the museum expands the left and right sides and the front of the audience balcony to create a strong sense of immersion beyond the ordinary dome theater, so that the audience can have a more realistic sense of immediacy and interaction.But on the other hand, it is full of challenges for the projection.



First , the museum increase the height of the dome to make the audience have a more realistic viewing experience.Therefore, the ground in front of the theatre is also designed as part of the projection,which increases the overall size of the projection design.And it is a special shape dome,the position near the seat and the ground needs to leave space for passage.

Second, the museum requires that the pixels of the entire screen should be high enough to create a more realistic sense of immersion. Due to the huge projection area, the curvature of the whole picture of the dome theater is inconsistent. But the client requires that the whole picture should not be distorted.
These conditions increase the difficulty of projection design.



Through continuous simulation and analysis, considering the audience perspective, edge fusion, picture consistency and other issues, Wincomn designers chose 22 sets of Christie DWU850-GS projectors to complete the projection of the dome and the ground, so that the they can be seamlessly integrated . And thanks to the Christie BoldColor patented technology , the high brightness, accurate image quality and color reproduction of the film are presented .
The reliability of the system is guaranteed through Scalable automatic correction system ,and it can be corrected with one-key at any time.And Wincomn chooses 7thSense media server for lossless and uncompressed playback to ensure the picture quality of the film.Using Alcorn entertainment broadcast control system to ensure the whole system run smoothly and convenient manipulation .
Finally, the dome theater makes the viewing experience more real and the visual effect more amazing, and also improved the operating efficiency .



During the whole project construction process, Wincomn's professional projection design avoided many construction risks for the museum, the whole design makes full use of the huge dome theater,and It`s not only brings unprecedented immersive viewing experience to the audience, but also adds technological elements and more novel cultural experience to the whole museum,makes the propagation and inheritance of culture more lively.

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