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Amazing Show! Wincomn complete Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Dome
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Amazing Show! Wincomn complete Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Dome Screen Projection show

Shanghai Haichang Ocean park is a world-class flagship ocean park,the <The Ocean Of Space-Time > dome projsection show,which is created by BETOP and integrated by Wincomn,received a lot of visitors acclaim  for the super immersive sense , vivd picture and ingenious film idea. And this project win the “Best Innovation Award Of China's Tourism Industry” in the 8th ITIA Award 2018.
The dome cinema is a double-sphere nested architectural form consisting of a large dome screen and a small ball, the performance form is very novel and there is no precedent to follow. After work and rework through trial and error, Wincomn completed the design, installation, debugging,various system testing and maintenance for the cinema.



The challenges of projection design mainly come from two aspects. The first is how to make the projection light path design of the two different screens no interfere each other.
The large dome screen is 160°,and  24 meters in diameter, the small ball which in the center of the dome screen ,is 3 meters in diameter and is a rotating sphere, simulating the earth's rotation.The two spherical screens not only have to realize image interaction, more important is that the projection of the screen should not interfere with each other.
Wincomn uses 21 Christie projectors to complete the projection of the outer large dome screen, and 4 Christie projectors for the small ball.  And the shelter problem was solved after the designer's exquisite light path design and the engineer's accurate integration, correction and debugging. All projectors have achieved accurate projection, and presenting a wonderful multiple dome screen show.



The other challenge of the project is the problem of super high resolution and synchronization playing of two spherical screens.The film source of the outer dome screen of the cinema reaches 6K resolution, and the panoramic sound field system composed of 44 sound channels is all over the whole dome screen. Wincomn uses 7thSense media server to realize the lossless and uncompressed playback of the film, and the image is clear, delicate and vivid. And the device supports multi-machine cascade, time code synchronization and frame synchronization to solve the problem of synchronization playing.
 After all the projection work, the cinema bring the audience an immersive viewing experience through the stunning picture of the screen ,the powerful stereoscopic sound effect, and the interactive interpretation of dome screens.



In the field of dome screen projection, Wincomn has rich project experience and has participated in the dome screen cinema of Shanbei folk song museum、The Great Wall 3D Dome Theater、Shanghai World Expo、Hunan museum The Five-star divination Dome Projection、Liuzhou VisionLand Dome-screen、Crystal Palace Beluga Wter World Dome Theater ,etc. Although Haichang's double dome screen cinema is very innovative and unique, but Wincomn still completed the project's projection design with its previous experience, and makes it a highlight project of Shanghai Haichang ocean park.

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