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Wincomn VARIWIN System Build The Intelligent Control Conference
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Wincomn VARIWIN System Build The Intelligent Control Conference Room for Xiangya Hospital

As one of the earliest western medicine hospitals in China, Hunan Xiangya hospital has a history of more than one hundred years and has become a national class III A hospital.In addition to assuming the functions of medical diagnosis and treatment, Xiangya hospital is an important medical education and medical research center in China.The hospital not only has a pursuit of excellence in the field of medicine, but also keep pace with the times to constantly optimize various scientific research facilities, and choosing more modern equipment with rigorous and scientific standard.
Recently, Wincomn VARIWIN system which is intelligent, convenient, efficient and reliable , has completed the upgrading of the conference system of the hospital .


This remark work is mainly aimed at one grand lecture hall and two meeting rooms, and the use needs of other conference rooms expanded by the hospital should also be considered.

Because of the teaching and research needs of the hospital,the large training lectures and meetings are there are often held here. In this case, the original system could not make the lecture hall and meeting rooms participating in one meeting at the same time. And the high-frequency use of meeting rooms puts forward higher requirements for the stability and reliability of the system equipment.

The original system of the hospital adopts the application scheme of traditional matrix + display device. After many years of use, some equipment fails, which makes the whole system unusable. And the original line is complicated and chaotic which needs to be rectified again. And the original control system is outmoded, the operation control system and monitoring preview system can not meet the needs of modern use.

Therefore, in the process of remaking, the hospital will strive to find a more advanced, intelligent, convenient, efficient, stable and reliable system. Wincomn VARIWIN system has won the recognition of the hospital with the characteristics of Networking, Intelligence and Cloud-Based.


In the system design, the advanced VARIWIN distributed architecture is adopted to ensure the independence of the equipment, avoiding the application of the whole system is affected by the problem of a certain device, and facilitate the use of new conference rooms for the hospital. At the same time, the backup system is make the conference more stable and reliable.

In the aspect of control and management, the professional VARIWIN software management platform is adopted to achieve preview monitoring of A/V switching through flat panel control mode, which greatly simplifies the work flow and reduces manual operation errors. The system will independently encrypt the non-wifi security network and improve the security of the system.

The conference rooms adopt the network-based transmission mode to achieve the interconnection of various conference rooms and expand the number of participants. At the same time, it can be flexibly configured according to the use requirements, so that it can be handled separately and independently, which greatly saves conference room resources. The control room adopts centralized management mode, one control room can control all conference rooms, reduce management staff and save manpower cost for the hospital.


The reconstructed conference system has realized synchronous meeting and intelligent management among different conference rooms. Since the system was put into use, it has maintained efficient, flexible and stable operation, met the needs of convenient and intuitive communication of participants, and provided convenience for teaching, training and communication of the hospital.

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