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Wincomn participates in the project of Guangzhou·Sunac Land
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Wincomn participates in the project of Guangzhou·Sunac Land

This summer, Guangzhou Sunac Land, which covers an area of 596,000 square meters, is a rare Park in China inspired by Guangdong's native culture. It includes the Millennium Business Capital, Haisi Road, Lingnan Impression Area, Wuyang Legend Area, Dream Garden Area and Nanyue Ancient Country Area. Six theme parks, with 12 new performing arts projects and 31 super recreational facilities, combine the unique South Vietnamese culture with modern recreational facilities to create a unique cultural theme park.Wincomn carried out projection design integration for “Crazy Waves” and “Octopus Rescue”in the park, and helped this midsummer carnival through scientific and technological means.


“Crazy Waves” is one of the rare double-lift torrents in China, including dark waterways with vertical lifting, inclined lifting, rotating and sliding.It combines riding equipment, props, scenery, sound effect, lighting and projection to create an unusually real tornado at sea.

The curtain of "Tornado Storm" is 13 meters high and 12 meters wide. At the climax of the project, visitors will be elevated to a height of 9 metres. With the projection effect, visitors will be able to see the spectacular scenes of storms and storms everywhere and experience the unique experience of being in the storm center.Wincomn’s designers completed the installation and debugging of the projector on a platform up to 9 meters high.



"Tornado Storm" 

The "Earth Mutation" mainly creates the tension before the storm. Through the thick black clouds, the flashing lightning and the tornado that has been formed, the restless sea is set up. With the facilities of spray, light and seat, the audience is replaced by the scene of the real sea storm. In the installation of the equipment, the designer chose the hoisting mode according to the scene environment, and customized the damp-proof box for the projector to ensure the safe operation of the equipment in the environment.


"Earth Mutation"

In order to fully render the dangerous scenes of gale, black clouds and raging waves, Wincomn uses 9 Christie DWU850-GS projectors to complete the image imaging. The projector has the technology of Christie BoldColor, which can realize the realistic image effect and natural color reproduction.The projector's low energy consumption, all-weather operation characteristics can ensure the long-term smooth operation of the project, fully ensure the project experience effect, reduce the maintenance pressure of the garden.The 7thSense lossless uncompressed media server is used to precisely play the image, enhance the real effect of the tornado picture, fully integrate the picture with the scene, stimulate the audience's perception, and replace the passengers into the storm center.

“Octopus Rescue”is a 5D dynamic cinema. Wincomn has done projection design for the Main Theater and Preview Area.

The main theatre area is an arc screen 23 meters long and 11 meters high. Wincomn uses two Boxer 4K30 projectors to complete the projection work. The projector has a brightness of up to 30,000 lumens and can present a high brightness picture. The 4K resolution can bring more wonderful visual effect experience. The Christie True Life processing technology of the scientific vision can ensure the painting. The brilliant and dazzling color reproduction, low energy consumption, flexible installation and other features lighten the burden of installation and maintenance for customers. The film is played lossless and uncompressed through 7thSense media server, and the video action is precisely controlled by Alcorn video control server.

After the Wincomn's video design system, the pictures are vivid and flexible. With the special facilities such as dynamic seats, 5D cinema brings more real visual impact to audiences and immersive viewing experience through scientific and technological means.



Main Theater

In addition, in the rehearsal area, Wincomn used the Christie DWU851-Q projector to complete the projection work, alleviating the boredom of the audience during the waiting period, and paving the way for the opening of the main theater's story.



Preview Area

Wincomn has provided three-month follow-up service for two important projects of Guangzhou·Sunac Land. From the preliminary on-site survey to the installation, commissioning and co-commissioning of the equipment, it ensures the perfect operation of the equipment and escorts the opening of the Park.

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