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Wuxi Sunac Land· “Final Sea Battle” Dark Rider
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Recently, Wuxi Sunac Land has opened. It is report that the park received more than 300,000 visitors on its opening day, and it becoming a brand-new business card of cultural tourism industry in the Yangtze River Delta.

 Wuxi Sunac Land has strict requirements for the quality of the project. Relying on the past brilliant performance in the theme park project, Wincomn has won the trust of the park. It has provided more than one year's integrated service for two projects, the “Final Sea Battle”  dark ride  and”Dream Factory” indoor roller coaster , and has provided important equipment support for the “Fly JiangSu” Dome Flying Theater.


Now let me introduce the “Final Sea Battle” Dark Ride



“Final Sea Battle” Dark Ride project is a rare domestic Dark Ride dynamic bike combined with real water experience of the 4D magic show, large-scale sky curtain watching dark ride.This project takes Zheng He's stories of the Western Ocean as the background, uses the characteristics of different scenes, skillfully designs many magnificent sea battlefield scenes. Through a series of elements such as the rhythm of performance, film, laser projection, lighting, special effects and mechanical model, tourists can feel a full-scale immersive and thrilling sea-to-sea confrontation.


In the dark ride project, Wincomn has completed the “Crazy Waves” of Guangzhou·Sunac Land, which is a rare double-promotion Dark Ride project in China; the "Four Thousand Miles of the Earth" Dark Ride of Shenzhen OCT; “Zhongkui accompany Bride ” of Nanchang Wanda Film Park; Hefei Wanda Film Park "Sky Senki" and "Journey to the West" of Wuhan Wanda Film Park. It proves that Wincomn has many experience and ability to meet challenges..


This time, Wincomn complete the design of A/V system, deepening design, piping and wiring, integrated installation, debugging, system debugging, technical training and on-site support of more than ten scenes of the project in“Final Sea Battle” ,and makes it exciting, interesting and educational ,and this project become a star project in Wuxi Sunac Land.

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