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Wincomn participates in The 8th Chongqing International Cultura
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Wincomn participates in  The 8th Chongqing International Cultural Industry Expo

On September 12, the Chongqing International Cultural Industry Exposition ( "Chongqing International Cultural Expo") opened in Chongqing International Exposition Center.The Expo has invited international cultural exhibitors from more than 20 countries. The number of exhibitors in China is more than ever. The five major exhibition pavilions of the city cultural achievement Museum, the "one belt one rode" international cultural center, the comprehensive cultural and Art Museum, the "one belt" international trade hall and the special cultural industry exchange hall, have shown a wealth of diversity, interesting and interesting visits to the masses. An exchange gala.Wincomn, as a representative of excellent cultural equipment enterprises, was invited to participate in the exhibition. At the 6T-019 booth of N6 Hall, Wincomn exhibited two wonderful projects: 4K laser projection show and DNP transparent screen.


4K Laser Projection Show


In order to better display the projection show, the organizer specially opened up a blank wall for 4K laser projection show projection. The audience was amazed at the bare-eyed 3D effect projection show on the wall.

D4K40-RGB can achieve full directional projection, with up to 40,000 lumen brightness, can show more than 90% of the rec.2020  color gamut,built-in Christie TruLife electronic platform enables high frame rate video with 4K resolution and 240 frames to present vivid picture effects.

The source content of the projection show is originally produced by the Wincomn team, which has mature creative planning and production capabilities. The team has participated in the production of project sources such as Qingdao North Studio Projection Show and "Charming Wuhu" projection show .

DNP Transparent Screen


dnp ClearSign is an 80” transparent crystal-clear high contrast front projection screen and can be used as an eye-catcher in

commercial or retail spaces. The built-in semi reflective micro fresnel structure display is delivered as a solid robust and

durable plastic screen. The screen’s light rejecting capabilities eliminates the need for a dedicated darkened room and thus

extend the opportunities for quality viewing even in brightly lit in-store environments.

Wincomn Night Tour Plan Exhibition


Wincomn participate in the creation, planning, design and production of many night tour projects. On the spot, some of the ongoing night tour projects were also displayed to the audience. The wonderful results of the exhibition triggered in-depth exchanges on the spot.

Wincomn has more than ten years of rich experience in the field of cultural tourism, with creative design, content production, system design, software and hardware development, hardware and software integration, solution delivery, operation and maintenance and after-sales service capabilities. In the future, Wincomn will continue to innovate and contribute to the development of cultural tourism industry with high quality products and services.

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