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Wincomn completes the immersive sand table projection show of Ta
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Wincomn completes the immersive sand table projection show of Tang Paradise


In June this year, with the popularity of the TV drama "The Longest Day In Chang'an", people's discussion and imagination about The glorious age of Tang Dynasty was once again aroused on the Internet.In addition to the good-looking plot, the play for the Tang Dynasty etiquette norms, clothing and makeup, food utensils and the perfect restoration of the architectural complex, let everyone enjoy.Recently, Wincomn also participated in a project related to Tang Chang'an City——The sand table projection show of Tang Chang'an City in Ziyun building of Tang Paradise.



Ziyun building is located in the center of the Tang Paradise . It is one of the most important Tang like architectural groups in the whole garden, and it is also the finishing point of the whole garden.



The sand table is in the hall on the first floor of the building. It is 8.55m long and 7.35m wide. It restores the urban pattern of Chang'an city of Tang Dynasty and is one of the important exhibition items of Ziyun building.The three sides of the sand table are three electric lifting curtains, each with an area of 8m * 3M. The three screens will be lowered during the performance to form a three fold screen; during the non performance time, the screen will automatically rise to present the golden statue of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty located behind the sand table.

Using the building model on the sand table and three electric screens on the sand table, Wincomn has created an immersive three-dimensional sand table interactive projection show for it.


In the whole project, a total of 12 Christie DWU630-GS projectors are used. The projector is equipped with Christie realblackTM Technology of Christie, which can generate an amazing full on / off contrast of 4000000:1 and present a more three-dimensional picture. Laser light source, stable operation, up to 20000 hours of life, low maintenance and other characteristics, also make it very suitable for exhibition, conference room and other frequent use environment. In addition, 7thsense media server is used in the project to ensure the lossless and uncompressed display of pictures; Alcorn performance control system is used to realize the accurate synchronization of electric screen, video image and sound track.



The immersive three-dimensional interactive sand table projection show of Tang Chang'an City in Ziyunlou has become a must see project of  the Tang Paradise  with its ingenious ideas and image technology. In addition,Wincomn has also participated in the silver bridge waterfall rockery projection show project of  the Tang Paradise, which has become a popular night trip card punch project.

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