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Wincomn participates in the night tour of Southeast Huadu projec
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Wincomn participates in the night tour of Southeast Huadu projection show

Recently, the Zhangzhou government of Fujian Province has created a fancy Zhangzhou tourism brand with "night economy" as the core, "2019 Southeast Huadu dream lighting season" is one of the highlights. The Southeast Huadu scenic spot covers an area of more than 10000 mu, which is the national 4A level tourist attraction and the host of "Cross Strait Agricultural Expo · Flower Expo".

Wincomn also participated in the night tour, and provided projection design, equipment installation and other services for the main show of "Dreamy Flower Fairy", "Flower Fairy" skirt interactive sculpture, Dreamlike garden and Spots of Lake Phantom . Next, we will experience the wonderful scene of the night tour through the projection of the main show of "Dreamy Flower Fairy" and the skirt sculpture of "Fairy".


 "Dreamy Flower Fairy" 

This story is about the legend of Narcissus fairy in Zhangzhou. The performance is presented in front of tourists by projection on a 42m * 8m screen. Combined with facilities such as fog, laser, sound effect, and the modeling projection of props such as small earth buildings and fake trees around the screen, the performance is successfully integrated into the natural environment surrounded by trees. Against the backdrop of the night, the whole projection show becomes mysterious, blurred, unreal and true, which makes tourists feel like they are in the world of immortals and feel the charm of the flower capital at night.



"Flower fairy" skirt sculpture

The skirt sculpture is 3 meters high, the skirt size is about 6 meters in diameter, and it is uneven with folds. After careful projection design, the projection picture perfectly covers the whole skirt. The graceful and nimble shape with flying skirt and gorgeous projection picture instantly turns the sculpture into a "real"  beautiful  dress, which satisfies the tourists' imagination of "Flower Fairy".



The projection design of Wincomn in the night tour project

In terms of equipment selection, Wincomn has used dozens of Christie laser projectors in the project, which has completed the projection work of multiple models and props in the scenic area. The projector's high brightness, high image quality and high-precision color reproduction make the projection screen and props perfectly integrated.And, because the humidity in the scenic area is very high, and the projector is very close to the tourists, so the requirements for the stability and quiet operation ability of the projector are very high.Christie laser projector has a service life of up to 20000 hours, and can operate stably and quietly, which meets the strict requirements of the project for projectors.


In the projection design, the night tour projection of scenic spot also challenges the technology. In the scenic spot, there are many trees and a continuous stream of tourists. When designing the light path, Wincomn keeps the original style of the scenic spot, makes the light path avoid the shelter of natural plants skillfully, and integrates the equipment installation with the natural landscape, so that the tourists won't easily notice it.


In recent years, with the continuous development of night tour project, the requirements for the design of night tour projection system are more and more high. Wincomn has rich experience in night tour projects, which can help customers complete the whole process from night tour creativity, planning, design to final construction and production, and develop a new direction of night tour in scenic spots.

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