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Wuxi Sunac Land·“Dream Factory”Indoor Roller Coaster
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Wuxi Sunac Land·“Dream Factory”Indoor Roller Coaster

Before that, we introduced  “Final Sea Battle” Dark Rider and “Fly JiangSu” Dome Flying Theater in the project series of Wuxi Sunac Land. Now, we are going to update the third star project of this series,the“Dream Factory”Indoor Roller Coaster


This project is a Steampunk style indoor amusement project with multiple experiences such as live packaging + 3D media + indoor roller coaster. It includes two projects: the train theater and the factory roller coaster. The train theater is a rare train immersive theater performance in China. The factory roller coaster is the world's first indoor roller coaster combining 3D media .



The project focuses on the precise interaction between projection performance and amusement equipment, which not only makes the projection content bring the audience a sense of immersive experience, but also ensures the smooth transition between roller coaster facilities and projection, as well as multiple scenes.

Wincomn has meticulously completed the optical path design, system design, in-depth design, integrated wiring, equipment installation, system commissioning, integrated joint commissioning and other works for the indoor roller coaster. At the same time, through more than ten Christie projectors, multi-channel 7thSense lossless and uncompressed media servers, Extran signal transmission equipment, Alcorn entertainment control system and other products , we have created a perfect amusement project with the style of Steampunk.



With a compact story and a thrilling and interesting indoor roller coaster, the project fully meets the tourists' all-round experience of super freshness in vision, hearing and touch, and enables them to experience the retro and romantic stimulation of the steam age from a modern perspective.

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