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Wincomn's U.M.M.M.Solution was implemented in Shenzhen Conventio
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Wincomn's U.M.M.M.Solution was implemented in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center to solve the management problems of large and complex conference rooms

 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center is a major project invested and constructed by Shenzhen government. It is a super large complex integrating exhibition, conference, activity (event, performance, etc.), catering, shopping, office and service. It is a major landmark project related to the future development of Shenzhen, which is of great significance for improving the city's function and image and building the core area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.


Recently, Wincomn adopts the U.M.M.M.Solution for the center, which is applied to 20 sub control rooms of the whole convention and exhibition Center. The purpose is to realize the daily use and monitoring of large conference rooms and multi conference room clusters with the minimum manpower for the center.



The use needs of the exhibition center mainly focus on three points: first, manage the large conference room and multi conference room cluster with the least manpower; second, respond to the different use needs of the management personnel, staff, conference speakers and participants at all levels of the exhibition center; third, control and coordinate the normal operation of the whole system to ensure the work quality and customer demand.



Managing large conference rooms with minimum manpower

The exhibition center has one general control room in the south and north area respectively, which controls 20 sub control rooms with the minimum manpower. 20 sub control rooms are equipped with the audio processing, video switching and other core equipment of the conference room, and can also manage the conference room in the area. Wincomn's U.M.M.M.Solution is built in 20 sub control rooms.

Therefore, the control of the whole exhibition center is divided into three levels: general control computer, sub control computer and central control panel in the conference room. When multiple meeting rooms open at the same time, the technical operation and maintenance personnel only need to monitor the conference room situation of the whole center in the sub control room,become “one person is responsible for the form of multiple meeting rooms" and simplify personnel arrangement.


Ensure all users can operate the system

Wincomn's U.M.M.M.Solution is equipped with touch control integrated machine and wireless iPad in the sub control room to realize flexible control of the system. TheU.M.M.M.Solution system has the highest control level of the a/v system of the whole exhibition project, which can realize all-round control. The localization control of each meeting room is also equipped with a central control system for basic control. Therefore, in the overall configuration, the configuration of control can have different operation permissions according to the different users, so as to achieve the use needs of all users.


Flexible operation and data feedback of the system

The conference room and the U.M.M.M.Solution in the project are very flexible in use, mainly reflected in the size of the site can be divided and combined through shelves, a/v signals can be flexibly configured through jumper plates, a/v signals and local camera signals can be flexibly deployed through the VARIWIN distributed system.So, these independent conference rooms are finally connected into an interconnected whole through the VARIWIN distributed system.


The a/v signals in any conference room can be shared through the Extron matrix to realize the division and merging of regional signals. Then through the VARIWIN distributed system, the a/v of any conference room can be sent to any hall with a/v system in the exhibition center project.

At the same time, the system will collect and sort out different aspects of information, and feed back to the exhibition center in the form of big data images, which is used to assist users in decision-making and realize data management. In addition, the system can carry out intelligent monitoring, real-time alarm, independent troubleshooting, and provide analysis reports.


High standard projection design of international reporting office

It is worth mentioning that in this project, Wincomn has also designed a projection system for the international lecture hall of the exhibition center, and has adopted several Roadie 4k45 projectors. The lecture hall is more than 2200 square meters, with a stepped layout, which can accommodate more than 1800 people to hold international conferences and other large-scale activities at the same time. The projector is responsible for the projection of the exhibition hall's front curtain (23.5m × 7m) and middle curtain (15m × 7m).

With 45000 lumens, 4K resolution, and built-in Christie TruLife™ electronic device, the projector can achieve ultra-high brightness, ultra perfect color restoration, and meet the stringent requirements of large lecture halls, conference rooms and large-scale performances. The projector and Wincomn software system work together to perfectly meet all kinds of high specification and diversified use needs of the lecture hall.


High-end device configuration

Wincomn`s U.M.M.M.Solution for the center, integrating dozens of U.M.M.M.Solution software systems, hundreds of VARIWIN encoding and decoding equipment, hundreds of Extron hybrid matrix, transmission and receiver and other software and hardware products, as well as several Roadie 4k45 high brightness projectors, which are very suitable for the informatization, intelligence and high quality of the exhibition center The characteristics of the standard, from different levels and angles, solve the problem of many rooms and complex structure in the exhibition center.

In the future, Shenzhen Convention &  Exhibition Center will undertake large-scale conferences and activities around the world. Wincomn's solution meets the international, high standard, multi-functional and diversified use orientation of the center. When the Convention and exhibition center undertakes exhibitions and conference activities of different scales and specifications, it provides intelligent and efficient conference room operation, monitoring, digital information feedback and other services.

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