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Wincomn VARIWIN settled in Huarong Financial Building
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 Wincomn VARIWIN settled in Huarong Financial Building

Huarong Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. is one of the first batch of financial leasing companies in China. It is also a key service enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It has become a famous brand in the financial leasing industry in China. The conference room A/V system of the building belongs to the newly built system, so the designer has communicated with the clients for many times, and finally determined the solution with the core of Wincomn VARIWIN system.

VARIWIN Video Audio Revolutionary Intelligen platform of Wincomn is a set of integrated A/V control solution based on the network. It uses the current mainstream advanced IT technology, and Network,Intelligence,Cloud are its core characteristics. It integrates various functions such as video and audio transmission, centralized control, video conference, collaborative sharing, integrated management, etc., and can be widely used in command, scheduling, control, conference and other comprehensive applications.



In this project, the requirements of customers for multi conference room A/V integration are: the newly-built A/V system should have more complete functions, at the same time, it should be advanced and stable, and can be operated conveniently.


The function of conference rooms:

This project involves the integration of 13 conference rooms in the building. The Wincomn VPP distributed system is mainly arranged in six of the more complex conference rooms to complete the tasks of long-distance signal transmission, signal call management and room equipment management, while the Wincomn VMS software involves all office A/V. In this way, it can solve the problems of A/V interconnection and centralized control in the conference room, enable the conference room to preview the signals to be called in advance, confirm and push them to the large screen for display, and also meet the diversified use needs of different conference rooms, so as to make full use of conference room resources.



The advance and stability of A/V system:

VARIWIN VMS control software is a high-end software system customized and developed by Wincomn according to customers' needs. The software operation interface is more user-friendly. The clients can customize the use platform according to their own use habits, making it more in line with the actual use needs. VARIWIN VMS control software system can also be upgraded infinitely. If necessary in the future, the system can add a centralized control room to complete the unified management and control of all conference rooms.

In terms of stability, the VARIWIN distributed transmission and control system has the characteristics of low delay and lossless vision. Moreover, the system transmission and wiring problems of traditional complicated schemes are reduced, and the risk of system paralysis caused by traditional matrix is reduced.



The operability of A/V system:

Each meeting room of the building has a separate touch control system. The management personnel can manage and control the multimedia equipment through the wireless touch screen, and the customized VARIWIN VMS control software is intuitive and easy to understand. Any user can operate after simple training instructions, greatly reducing the burden of personnel.


  The A/V solution designed by Wincomn for the building meets the needs of the  A/V system construction of the high-end conference room cluster. At the same time, the solution is highly replicable and can provide a good design reference template for any project involving a conference room cluster.

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