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Wincomn participates in the Night Tour Projection of Nanxun Town
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Nanxun town, located in Huzhou , Zhejiang Province, has a history of more than 700 years. Now it has become a world cultural heritage and a national 5A scenic spot. In order to better display the night view of the town to the tourists and comprehensively develop the tourism resources of the town, the District Tourism Investment Group launched the lighting project of the ancient town, showing the charm of the town through 3D projection, interactive device, stage light, laser, haze, water, reality show and other means.

Wincomn participated in the projection project of the town, designed the projection system for many scenic spots, and finally presented a fantastic and beautiful projection performance.

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Wall projection show of Baijianlou

Baijianlou is one of the famous scenic spots in Nanxun town. The projection performance is presented on the building wall nearly 100 meters long. To ensure the projection effect, the projectors of Baijianlou are all placed on the opposite bank of the river for projection, with a projection distance of 20 meters. The high-quality image quality and the extremely accurate natural color restoration degree are presented for the projection show of 100 buildings by projector. The stable and silent operation of the machine makes the performance effect even more amazing.




During the day, the black-and-white buildings and the sparkling river interact to form a quiet and leisurely picture of Jiangnan water. At night, the projector "splashes" colorful pictures on the ink painting like building. The vivid dragon boat, teahouse and stone plate relief appear on the wall. Under the cooperation of the surrounding lights and fountains, the hundred buildings seem to be a time-space tunnel, and the wonderful pictures lead the past tourists into another wonderful world.



Water curtain projection of Tongjin Bridge

Tongjin bridge hole water curtain is 14 meters wide and 7 meters high. Wincomn uses  Christie HS series projectors . The brightness of each set of these machines is up to 20000 lumens. With the patented Boldcolor technology of Christie , the color accuracy is enhanced, so that the transparent water curtain can also present realistic colors. At the same time, the built-in Christie twist can quickly and easily build and calibrate the unconventional projection carrier, ensuring the accurate and perfect picture effect of water curtain.

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The challenge of projection work in the town night tour

When making projection design for Nanxun town, the first consideration is to protect the original style of the ancient town from damage. Therefore, Wincomn adopts concealed installation measures such as river crossing installation to ensure the integrity of the scenic area.

At the same time, the use of projectors in the natural environment should also consider environmental factors and tourists' experience. The silent operation function of Christie projector ensures a good night experience for tourists. In addition, the projectors in the project are all installed on the river bank, so the problems such as high humidity and water vapor are inevitable. The high-level sealing protection of the projectors and the use of the moisture-proof box properly solve the problem and ensure the good and stable operation of the equipment to the greatest extent.


Wincomn has rich experience in night tour projects, and together with a variety of high-tech facilities, it has created a visual feast for the scenic area, which reproduces the bustling and beautiful night scene of the scenic area, so that tourists can enjoy the multiple charm and fun of the scenic area during the day and night.

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