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Wincomn participates in the virtual reality project of railway p
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Wincomn participates in the virtual reality project of railway passenger car design of Bombardier Sifang (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd.

Yingkang technology has delivered a set of professional customized Powerwall virtual reality system for Bombardier Sifang (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd.(BST).The system provides a highly immersive VR working environment to realize the visualization of design scheme. Through the functions of collaborative design, virtual training, verification and review, it can save manpower, material resources, time and capital costs, and optimize the design and manufacturing process of railway passenger cars.


BST is a well-known domestic R & D and production enterprise of railway vehicles, and also the first sino-foreign joint venture company in China's railway passenger car manufacturing industry.After many investigations, they found a professional virtual reality solution provider, Wincomn technology. After many close exchanges and strict bidding procedures, they finally determined Wincomn technology as the designer and integrator of the whole system.



With years of professional precipitation in the visual simulation, Wincomn technology has designed a complete set of Powerwall system solutions combined with the characteristics of customer application requirements.

The system includes: 4K high brightness active stereo projector, 6m × 3m high contrast rear projection glass screen developed by Wincomn technology, image workstation cluster, motion capture system, audio system and peripherals, etc.

With the help of 3D glasses, the passenger car in the digital stage is just in front of the eyes. Combined with the motion capture system, the operator can complete various tasks in real time. The layout, style, convenience, finish and ergonomics of the car interior, car chair, window, armrest, button, etc. are all clear at a glance,just by one step forward is to the interior of the passenger car. 


Since entering the field of visual simulation in 2008, Wincomn technology has made continuous progress and development, serving many industrial users, including: CSSC Bohai Shipyard, CSSC Wuchang Shipyard, 713 Research Institute,7th Research Institute of CASIC , 6th Research Institute of CASIC ,2nd Research Institute of CASIC , XCMG , China southern power grid emergency training center, and also participated in the five faces CAVE system of SIBET CAS,  the five faces CAVE system of City University of HK Chengdu Research Institute,A model night vision simulator project, A model flight simulator display system project, etc.

With strict and professional working attitude and overall delivery ability, Wincomn has won the trust of customers and industry reputation. From the past product agent to today's product independent research and development and system integration, it can provide users with various forms of standardized and customized visual simulation industry solutions.

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