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Wincomn participates in Nanhai Park interactive projection show
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Nanhai Park, covering an area of 2500 mu, is a large-scale central city park, which not only provides people with an ideal place for leisure and entertainment, but also plays an important role in improving the image and function of Yancheng City.



In order to better achieve the goal of "ecological tourism, business and commerce, culture and entertainment, leisure and fitness ", the park has created a series of light and projection interactive projects, which are open to public tourists for free. Wincomn has participated in the ground interactive projection and holographic screen projection projects of No.3 Island.




The ground projection project of No. 3 island is called "Dream Begonia". The total area of the performance is 1500 square meters, with begonia, lotus leaf and koi as the main elements.

In the night, the begonia flowers on the ground are constantly falling and changing, the lively fish are suddenly seen in the lotus leaves, the fish are chasing each other with the tourists under the role of the image tracking system, and a dreamlike "flower sea in the island" appears at the foot of the tourists.



The holographic screen projection is called "fairyland in the lake". Each screen has a projection area of 4m × 6m, which is located on both sides of Longqiao bridge. On the screen, the fairy in white held the umbrella and danced, with flowers and deer lingering around. In the light, fog and begonia flower forest, the two screens turned into two real flower fairies, bringing people into the world of begonia flower.



In this project, more than ten sets of Christie laser projectors have been selected, and Wincomn has completed the installation and construction. In cooperation with the Longqiao bridge lighting show and the "Crane Dance future" sculpture lighting interaction, the night of the Chinese Begonia Garden will be more colorful. The citizens who come to leisure at night will finally let go of the day's fatigue, immerse themselves in the Begonia garden full of scientific and technological elements, and feel the connection between science and technology and nature a different aesthetic feeling.




Wincomn has rich experience in night tour projects, and together with a variety of high-tech facilities, it has created a visual feast for the scenic area, which reproduces the bustling and beautiful night scene of the scenic area, so that tourists can enjoy the multiple charm and fun of the scenic area during the day and night.

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