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Wincomn participates in 360 ° performance in Nianhua Bay
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Wincomn participates in 360 ° immersive dream performance in Lingshan Town·Nianhua Bay

Lingshan Town·Nianhua Bay, is a "China Holy Land for Spiritual " with "Zen" as its core cultural theme. Recently, for more than 300 days, the smile square built by international top teams has made a spectacular appearance with an immersive live performance of "picking flowers and smiling".



Smile square is a collection of dynamic sculpture works by famous Georgia sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze, and the stage art is created by the lighting chief design team of the opening and closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. With the landscape around the square, it not only realizes the perfect integration of dynamic art sculpture and the traditional Chinese garden art, but also integrates the excellent traditional culture and modern art.


The core landscape of the smile square, the 18 meter high large stainless steel dynamic sculpture, is the first work of the famous Georgian sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze in China.With the performance of the split combination, the sculpture changes back and forth between a whole large-scale human body sculpture and several independent sculptures. The stainless steel sculpture becomes brilliant and shining under the projection of the projector. The combination of classical cultural elements on the screen and modern concept sculpture jointly achieve this magnificent performance.



Around the sculpture, there are ten small hill shaped screen devices. On the screen, there are water village buildings, Koi lotus pond, bamboos, rosy clouds and other scenes, which are shown in turn with the graceful dance movements of the dancers, creating a fascinating and colorful atmosphere with the characteristics of Nianhua bay for the whole performance;

Fountains and water stage are set up in the square where the sculpture is located. When dancers perform on the water stage, the projection on the water stage will create a dream effect of "walking on water".



In the whole project, Wincomn is responsible for the 18 meter high metal hollowed out dynamic sculpture projection, which is rare in China.and Wincomn also is responsible for ten special screen projection and underwater projection, provided more than ten 30000 lumen laser projectors, and completed the challenging projection work of special shape and special medium.At the scene, Wincomn should consider the influence of the perspective of tourists, the cooperation between projection and performers, as well as the influence of the scene environment such as water mist on the effect of the projection picture. Wincomn engineers rely on their extensive project experience to ensure the perfect presentation of the projection.



Through the underwater stage installation, holographic digital image screen, misty forest, landscape environment art lighting and high lumen laser projection, the perfect combination of stage performance and realistic landscape was realized. At the same time, more than 300 UAVs soared over the square, echoing the performance. The combination of land and air performances created a dreamlike performance scene of 360 ° immersion in smile square, lighting up the night of Nianhua Bay.

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