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Wincomn Krinda appeared at BYD booth of Rail Transit Exhibition
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From October 21 to 23, Wincomn participated in the Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Exhibition with BYD group, and at the exhibition, Wincomn Krinda projector was used to show BYD's independent innovation technology achievements.

In recent years, BYD group has not only made efforts in new energy vehicles, but also expanded to the field of cloud rail and Yunba transportation. To provide green transportation solutions for global cities, we should use electric vehicles to control pollution, and cloud rail and Yunba to control traffic congestion. These important technical achievements have been recognized by the national and industrial technical level, and the display and promotion have become very important.


With the leading two-color laser technology and excellent projection quality, Wincomn Krinda projector has won the favor of BYD group and has undertaken the important task of demonstrating BYD's technical achievements.



Krinda is a high-end laser projector product cooperating with the ODM of the US science and technology television. It is an independent high-end projector brand launched by Wincomn technology in response to the domestic market demand for high quality and high cost performance. Krinda has many projectors with brightness ranging from 7300 to 20600 lumens. It adopts two-color laser light source and built-in twist edge fusion technology. The machine can also be equipped with mystique camera based automatic correction fusion software. The machine can be used in auditorium, hotel, enterprise application and conference room, on-site activities and meetings, entertainment places, leasing and stage, education, scientific research, exhibition and other occasions.


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