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Wincomn Participates in the "Tree Of Life" Projection Show of En
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In our last article, we introduced you to the first 4D cinema with the latest RGB laser technology in the Enjoyland Animal kingdom, and today we bring you the second part of the series, the “Tree of Life”integrated projection show.



The Tree of Life sculpture is located on the island of life in the park and is the most visible and central place in the park. The sculpture is 45 meters high and 26 meters in diameter. The roots of the tree are interwoven and distributed on a hill composed of three layers of stones. Running water flows out from the hill and forms a small waterfall with three sections of drops. The whole tree is vividly and aesthetically beautiful in shape and highly ornamental.

In the daytime, "tree of life" is a musical fountain, surrounded by white pigeons, welcoming tourists from all directions; At night, "tree of life" will stage a large projection show with the theme of "animal kingdom".



Wincomn participated in the night projection show of "tree of life". Unlike other architectural projection shows, it is more challenging.

The first is the unique projection material. The sculpture of "tree of life" is imitated by trees, and there are many animal sculptures on the trunk, which results in the surface deformation and unevenness of the projection picture. In addition, the leaves, tree trunks and animal sculptures have different colors, which make the image of the picture more difficult.



Secondly, the site environment is complex. The water, fountain, light, laser and water mist in the root part of "tree of life" sculpture will interfere with the scene projection. The existence of these two situations makes the projection show put forward higher requirements for the brightness of the projector and the quality of the film source.



To solve the problem of brightness, Wincomn adopts a Christie laser projector with brightness up to 30000 lumens, and adopts the method of multi machine superposition fusion projection from four angles to achieve a bright and full color picture effect. The solid-state laser light source of the projector can operate continuously and stably with low cost throughout the year, hardly requiring any maintenance costs, which greatly reduces the operating costs of the park. At the same time, the 7thSense media server is used to realize the lossless and uncompressed output of the film source, as well as multi-channel pixel synchronization, so that the picture can be accurately presented on the irregular outdoor projection carrier.


As night falls, the "tree of life" becomes vivid under the influence of projection. The solidified art sculpture seems to have vitality. Wild animals, birds, fish, fireworks and castles appear in turn. With fountains, water mist, flowers and plants, and lights, it forms an oil painting like landscape. And marks a perfect day for tourists.


In this project, with its rich professional experience, Wincomn solved the difficulties and challenges for customers in a timely manner, ensured the success of the first premiere, and received a letter of thanks from the Client.

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