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Wincomn Krinda Participates in The Reconstruction Project of An
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Wincomn Krinda Participates in The Reconstruction Project of An Armed Police Team

International quality, domestic price. As an independent high-end brand of Wincomn, Krinda series projectors have been more and more verified by the market for their excellent performance. Recently, the Krinda C-WU2000L projector was selected by an armed police team through strict screening, and participated in the reconstruction project of the report hall . Wincomn designed and constructed the projection system for the hall.


The report hall can accommodate 500 people at the same time and the projection area of the curtain is 10.5m × 6m. In addition to daily use, the hall is also responsible for the use of important meetings, speeches and other activities. Therefore, customers have strict quality requirements in the selection of projectors. The projectors should not only be able to ensure high frequency use, but also the brightness, clarity and color restoration of projection images should also meet the clear viewing needs of all participants.


After a careful survey of the on-site environment of the hall, the technicians of Wincomn decided to use the Krinda C-WU2000L projector with a brightness of 20,600 lumen for projection in consideration of the lighting conditions and use characteristics.

Krinda is an independent high-end projector brand launched by Wincomn.There are a number of projectors at present, which are high-end laser projectors in cooperation with the ODM of Christie. The brightness ranges from 7300 to 20600 lumens. It adopts two-color laser light source, built-in twist edge fusion technology. The machine can also be equipped with mystique camera based automatic correction fusion software.



After on-site installation and construction, the brightness of the projector fully meets the requirements of customers. The projection screen is exquisite and realistic, which ensures the clear viewing effect from all angles. Moreover, the solid-state laser light source of the projector can operate continuously and stably throughout the year, meeting the high-frequency use requirements of the  hall.


Krinda projector is launched by Wincomn according to the characteristics of domestic consumption demand. The projector has been widely used in military enterprises and has been verified by the market of the most severe places of use. It is a wise choice for auditorium, hotel, enterprise application, conference room, on-site activities, entertainment places, stage, education, scientific research, exhibition and other occasions.

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