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Wincomn Participates in The Night Tour of " Fairy Mountain in Dr
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Wincomn Participates in The Night Tour of " Fairy Mountain in Dream" in Changdao 

Changdao is a well-known scenic spot in Shandong Province. With its unique geographical environment and beautiful island scenery, Changdao has attracted many tourists to relax. Like other natural scenic spots, the daytime tour of Changdao is very attractive, but the night tourism resources have not been fully developed. In order to solve this problem, Changdao County, according to the characteristics of the island, has launched the night tour project of forest scenic spot, and created a large-scale traveling island light and shadow performance project in Shandong Province --  " Fairy Mountain in Dream". The night tour was created by director Li Quansheng of North China Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Wincomn participated in the construction of projection system.




The main performance area of the projection show is a cliff, through the projector, on the cliff a legend about "fairy mountain" live on stage. The images of immortal people, fairy mountains, mythical beasts, bright moon and whales are lifelike and seem to break away from the cliff. under the combined action of music, light and fog, the whole performance is more unreal , and visitors can fully experience the beauty of Changdao under the night sky.




The night tour also had a 100 meter long forest ground interactive corridor. The dense woods on both sides of the corridor are rendered with various colors by lights. On the ground, there are pictures of waves, beaches, flowers and fish displayed by projectors. Under the effect of image tracking system, fish and tourists chase each other, which is full of fun.



During the tour, visitors can also see the projection of many mountains and sea reefs. The lifelike and playful "seal", the majestic "crouching lion", and the gorgeous seaside boulders, all kinds of projections make tourists dazzled and surprise constantly along the way.





Wincomn has provided dozens of Christie projectors for the night tour project, and conducted the installation guidance. The projection work in this project is very challenging. It is necessary to ensure that the projection image is perfectly presented on the natural media such as mountains, cliffs, reefs, etc., and the brightness and delicacy of the picture should be high enough. In the construction process, it is not allowed to damage any original cliff vegetation and trees. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the influence of salinity and humidity on the projection system.



The projection system completes the imaging work of the screen, ensuring the real image color restoration; the compact fuselage not only realizes the concealed installation, but also takes into account the protection needs of the vegetation in the scenic area; the use of thermostat and waterproof protection make the projection system stable and reliable, meeting the strict needs of the seaside environment. At the same time, the projection system can operate in silence to ensure a good viewing experience for tourists.



In the daytime, tourists can enjoy the tranquility and comfort brought by natural landscapes such as sea breeze, sea water, cliffs and other natural landscapes on the island; at night, the " Fairy Mountain in Dream" large-scale marching Island light performance uses 3D projection, laser, fog, gas explosion, water spray and other high-tech means to show tourists the cultural charm of Changdao, presenting a thrilling and exciting visual feast.

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