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Wincomn won two awards in China's large screen projection indust
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On November 26, 2020, the A/V Industry Summit Forum jointly held by China Projection Network, China A/V Network, Digital Sign Network and Audio Network, and the "2020 Annual Selection of China's Large Screen Projection Industry" was solemnly opened in Shenzhen Bay science and technology ecological park. After screening by expert group, jury group, online voting and other ways, Wincomn won the "Excellent Case of 2020" and "System Integration Engineer of Large Screen Industry in 2020".



The winning case is the Enjoyland Animal Kingdom project. The park is elaborately built by the top international designers, covering an area of 570000 square meters, with a total investment of about 5 billion yuan. It has six major theme areas, integrating animal display, popular science education, amusement equipment, theater performance, 4D cinema, etc. Wincomn has carried out the construction of projection system for 4D cinema of "Rio Adventure" and "Tree of Life" projection show.



 4D Cinema 



 "Tree of Life" projection show

In 2020, Wincomn has participated in the construction of many projects, including flying cinema, stereo ball screen, dark riding, immersive interaction, night tour, building mapping show, water show, live performance, theater performance, multi-function hall, convention and Exhibition Center, monitoring center, command center, intelligent manufacturing, simulation system and other fields Use demand. In terms of its own brand, through continuous independent innovation and R & D investment, Wincomn has owned the high-end projector brand of Krinda, the VARIWIN distributed product brand, and the continuously iterative Wincomn VR workbench. In addition, Wincomn also has a professional planning and design and media production team, as well as media assets such as ball screen film source, 3D mapping projection show source, arc screen film source, night tour creative film source, etc.



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After years of development, refinement and breakthrough, Wincomn has gradually become a comprehensive video and audio service provider integrating creative design, content production, system design, software and hardware development, software and hardware integration, solution delivery, operation and maintenance and after-sales service.

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