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Wincomn Hold 2021 Online New Year Meeting
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On February 1, 2021, a new "cloud annual meeting" of Wincomn was successfully held. In response to the national call for epidemic prevention and control, the new year's meeting of Wincomn for the first time adopts the form of no audience speech in the main venue + online participation, so that employees distributed all over the country can break the barrier of time and space, and connect with each other through technical means on the premise of safety.


First of all, Mr. Tony Chen, Chairman and General Manager of Wincomn, made a summary report on the work of Wincomn in 2020. He reviewed and combed the work from seven aspects: Governance and internal control, operation and management, supply and marketing and operation, R & D and products, project and after-sales, personnel and culture, safety and epidemic prevention and control. He said at the meeting that although COVID-19 was under the influence of the past 2020, it was full of difficulties and uncertainties, but the company basically achieved the goal of "transformation and promoting growth" proposed in early 2020.

For the new year of 2021, he stressed that Wincomn will focus on resources to develop its own advantages, make full use of new technologies, adhere to the road of specialization, and unswervingly build Wincomn into a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and investment.


The Live Performance of The Home Town


 The Projection Show of Fuliang

Subsequently, the leaders of each business department of Wincomn. made a summary report respectively, affirmed the achievements and significant progress in 2020, and proposed to control the development direction and trend of the industry in 2021 on the basis of steady progress, enhance the core competitiveness of each business, adopt a variety of methods and measures, and firmly move forward towards the company's annual goal and long-term vision.


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Wincomn Team

During the online annual meeting, Wincomn commended the Department's advanced employees and excellent employees who have served in the company for ten years. They are dedicated, diligent and enterprising,  They have achieved self-growth in their respective positions and played an immeasurable role in the process of the company's development.


Employee of the Year

Although it was impossible to get together in this annual meeting, all teams of Wincomn. recorded the elegant demeanor display video carefully, reviewed the harvest and growth on behalf of the employees, and all of them sent their best wishes to the company and colleagues. The lucky draw and the red envelope rain set off the atmosphere of the annual meeting more joyful. At the end of the meeting, a "Wincomn" logo composed of photos of all the members appeared on the screen, and the first meeting of Wincomn was officially concluded in a moving and inspiring atmosphere.



Wincomn Team 


2020 is an extraordinary year for everyone, and Wincomn people have carried it through with indomitable spirit and will. In the new year, and WE sincerely wish COVID-19 can be completely controlled, and the people of the whole country can have a best 2021.

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