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Wincomn participates in the construction of immersive projection
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Wincomn participates in the construction of immersive projection system of Manchester United theatre of dreams

On May 1, the first "Manchester United theatre of dreams" created by Manchester United Football Club and Huarui entertainment officially opened in Beijing. Through the application of top technology and the introduction of different formats, the theater has presented the Old Trafford stadium in original style, which makes every visitor feel the fanatic atmosphere of the greatest football club in the world and gives a surprise to the fans!

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In order to provide visitors with a new experience of sports and football, the theatre has created a new offline consumption scene of sports theme through cutting-edge interactive facilities and rich technological experience.

The theatre has three floors, including the Manchester United themed dining area on the first floor, the "Manchester United journey" exhibition hall on the second floor, the underground "Manchester United experience" interactive game area and the official authorized store.




"Manchester United experience" is to let fans experience the profound football culture and passion of Manchester United through immersive experience. Wincomn has designed immersive projection system and installed and debugged dozens of high-end projectors for 16 experience zones in the region.

To give fans the best immersive experience, the theatre has developed a technology called DreamCube. The technology uses a special football to locate and track the football position and action track in real time, so that players can kick, dribble and display various skilled technologies on the hybrid reality (physical / virtual) court, and get real-time response and score feedback.

In order to realize the immersive experience of "DreamCube", 16 CAVE immersive experience Spaces are designed in the theater. The images cover the left and right sides, the front and the ground, surrounded by a full perspective. This CAVE form with a strong sense of immersion is generally only used in professional simulation occasions. At the same time, the experience area at the top of the tracking system will capture the trajectories of football, football actual movement and tetrahedral projection, the combination of simulated immersive immersive field of actual combat experience, when the player was hit on specific targets in completing the task, they can trigger a specific sound, can real-time interaction between the players and the "audience", This allows the player to experience the real game.



In addition to the football experience, the "Manchester United journey" project will present the shock and dream of the Old Trafford stadium to the fans in an all-round way, lead the visitors to experience the classic moments of the club and witness the legendary achievements. Wincomn has completed a number of immersive projection and interactive projection systems for the area.

In order to reproduce the history, Wincomn has adopted a number of 4K resolution, 10000 lumen projectors to complete the arc screen projection by fusing the front projection, so as to present the history of Manchester United in a specific period for visitors and appreciate the unique charm of Manchester United in a short distance.


On the four arc screens of four different rest areas,Wincomn plays the wonderful moments of Manchester United through the way of projector rear projection; In the three specific interactive exhibition areas, Wincomn allows the participants to participate in the interaction through the projection and tracking system.



In order to manage dozens of projectors conveniently, Wincomn "User Management and Maintenance Supervision" management software system is adopted. The software can realize remote switch, real-time monitoring, equipment status alarm and operation data visualization for the projector, which is convenient for the operation and maintenance of management personnel. At the same time, the software will also summarize the data and send all the running information to the operators in the form of data. The software not only improves the management efficiency of dozens of projectors, but also saves the maintenance cost for the theater.


Each kind of projection application of the theatre has different use requirements and installation conditions, and has high requirements for design, installation and debugging.

In particular, the "Manchester United experience" cave immersive space is a very unique innovative application. Common cave are rear projection, covering a large area, while Dream Theater immersion experience area of cave choose the design of front projection, maximize the use of the space available. The optical design of the scheme is very challenging, and Wincomn has customized the perfect solution for it with its own professional experience. At the same time, Wincomn also solved the problem of 360 ° Installation problems, environmental vibration caused by the jitter problem and multi picture fusion and other issues, ultimately ensure the super high quality and amazing effect of the project.

As soon as the Manchester United theatre of dreams opened, it was very popular and there was an endless stream of fans visiting it. High end projection system and intelligent management also ensure the play experience of many important zones in the theater, leaving an unforgettable and extraordinary experience for every fan.

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