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A Thank You Letter From Yiwu Populus Euphratica Forest Scenic Sp
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A Thank You Letter From Yiwu Populus Euphratica Forest Scenic Spot in Hami

During the May Day holiday, the Populus euphratica forest ecological park in Yiwu, Hami was officially opened. Mr. Hao Ruigang, an engineer of Wincomn, won a letter of thanks from customers with his conscientious and responsible working attitude and excellent technical ability.

Yiwu Populus euphratica forest ecological park is a national AAAA tourist attraction. It is one of the three remaining original Populus euphratica forests in the world. It is the most concentrated Populus euphratica forest in China, and also the world's oldest, most characteristic tree shape, and the best road access condition of the original Populus euphratica forest. There is a 25 meter long and 4 meter high arc screen in the exhibition hall of the scenic spot, which is an important exhibition item of the exhibition hall. It is used to introduce the panorama of Populus euphratica forest scenic spot. Wincomn participated in the construction of the video and audio system of the arc screen.




During May Day, Hao Ruigang of  Wincomn sacrificed his personal rest time to overcome the difficulties such as complex site conditions, tight construction period and poor commissioning conditions. Relying on excellent professional technology, he completed the commissioning work of the arc curtain of Yiwu Populus euphratica forest farm day and night, presenting a shocking visual effect, ensuring the smooth opening of the venue during May Day. To this end, the customer sent a letter to show thanks!


Wincomn has always adhered to the customer first service concept, thinking about the customer, urgent customer, give full play to the exquisite professional technology to help customers solve the project difficulties, ensure the smooth opening of the project. Over the years, Wincomn has received one thank you letter after another, which has become the driving force for Wincomn to continue to forge ahead and keep going. In the future, Wincomn will continue to complete each work with professional, dedicated and efficient working attitude, and will protect the smooth landing of each project.

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