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Wincomn is looking forward to your visit at China Beijing Attrac
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Wincomn is looking forward to your visit at China Beijing Attractions Expo2021


2021 China (Beijing) international amusement facilities and Equipment Exposition (CAE) will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Museum) from May 22 to 24.Wincomn will present at the exhibition with the latest original night tour product Shenshou Paradise , and display all-round innovative technologies and products for you at the exhibition booth 2119 of E2 hall, including Wincomn's own high-end projector brand, Krinda laser projector, as well as the Acting brand American science and television projector, 7thsense lossless uncompressed media server in the UK, and Alcorn entertainment and broadcast control system in the United States.


With more than ten years of industry accumulation and many years of experience in participating in the construction of night amusement parks, Wincomn has launched the original night game product "animal paradise". It has the characteristics of 60 day construction cycle, small investment and large return. It is a standardized theme night tour product, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized scenic spots. The original IP is based on The Classic of Mountains and Seas, which is a new integration of  Chinese fad culture and modern science and technology

After continuous technological innovation and development, this product is especially suitable for customers without night travel experience and scenic spots that want to be put into operation quickly. It has the characteristics of standardization, replicability, upgradability, small investment, short construction period and quick return. It is the choice for the construction of urban parks and suburban scenic spots.

At the same time, there are indoor Park giant screen projection display, creative projection show and cultural tourism cutting-edge equipment display, so that visitors can feel the charm of cultural tourism light and shadow technology, understand the cutting-edge product technology and innovative formats.

Do you want to know the "Shenshou Paradise"? Want to experience the visual shock of classic light and shadow show? Would you like to see what cutting-edge products are available? Come to Wincomn booth! From May 22 to 24, Wincomn will announce the answer for you at booth 2119 of E2 Pavilion~

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