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Wincomn Provides Virtual Reality Collaborative Working Environme
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Wincomn Provides Virtual Reality Collaborative Working Environment for a Large State Owned Shipbuilding Enterprise

Recently, Wincomn successfully completed the construction of virtual reality collaborative working environment for a large state-owned shipbuilding enterprise.

The system environment is mainly used to meet the requirements of complex digital sample ship design review, digital prototype review, producibility inspection, assembly simulation, maintenance operation space, ergonomics, product virtual display, etc.

In ship engineering design, digital prototype evaluation, manufacturing and maintenance, virtual reality system technology has played an increasingly important role. Through the high reuse of 3D engineering data source, changing "experimental verification" to "virtual verification", using digital prototype instead of entity prototype, the optimization of product design process is realized.


Based on the system and product 3D data, users can quickly obtain all-round visibility of part level, assembly level, cabin level, regional level and all class according to the development of design requirements.

Based on the system, designers can take into account the shape design, interior design, outfitting design, ergonomics and other factors on the basis of the main dimension design, main structure design, main equipment layout, system pipeline design and process design, so as to avoid bringing the early design defects into the construction stage and reduce unnecessary repeated changes in the construction stage, The closed-loop iteration of "design analysis verification improvement" is realized to improve product quality.


The system can help to get through the key evaluation and verification links of digital product development process, realize the "virtual manufacturing" of digital sample ship, and improve the virtual inspection ability of assembly and maintainability, human factor engineering analysis ability, environmental and residential improvement ability, multi professional scheme coordination ability, efficient configuration ability, and model support ability based on virtual sample ship.

Virtual reality collaborative work environment can significantly improve the efficiency of shipbuilding industry, greatly reduce the cost of research and experiment, accelerate the development cycle, and facilitate training.


The system mainly includes: a set of four sided CAVE display system, two sets of VR workbench (standardized compact two sided cave system), a set of VR workstation (standardized compact four sided cave system), application software and peripherals, etc.


In recent years, Wincomn has focused on the core product and system technology innovation and engineering research in the field of professional virtual reality and training simulator, mainly including: high performance, high brightness active stereo DLP projector for VR, night vision infrared projector for simulator, high contrast rear projection hard screen, large specification rear projection flexible screen, etc, And the standardized and customized system solutions for engineering applications. So far, it has provided a large number of professional systems for many high-end scientific research and manufacturing users.

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