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Wincomn participated in the Construction of Dome Theater of Chin
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 Wincomn participated in the Construction of Dome Theater of Chinese Academy of History

In recent years, dome cinema has been increasingly widely used. Its super immersion and full view images provide a new perspective for amusement and research in park, museum, science and technology museum, exhibition hall and other places. It not only increases the fun of scenic spots, but also provides a new way for scientific research activities. Recently, Wincomn has completed the projection design, equipment installation and debugging of high standard dome theater for the  the Chinese Academy of history.


The National Institute of Chinese History was founded in 2019. Its main responsibilities are to guide the study of Chinese history nationwide, integrate resources and resources to formulate plans for the study of Chinese history in the new era, organize and implement major national projects, tell Chinese history well and disseminate Chinese culture. The dome theater is one of the important study places of the academy. The dome theater has a diameter of 16 meters and can hold more than 100 people to watch at the same time.




After the field survey, the technicians of Wincomn designed the projection scheme according to the actual situation of the theater, and used several 20600 lumen laser projectors to project the 16-meter diameter dome screen. This scheme not only ensures that the projected picture covers the whole sphere screen accurately, so that the overall resolution of the sphere screen presents the highest level, but also brings clear and high-quality image effect and realistic visual experience to the sphere screen with its high brightness light source. At the same time, the stable operation of the laser light source meets the high standard requirements of scientific research and saves the maintenance cost for the research institute.



Convenient in the output of the video, the 7thSense media server to realize the lossless video compression; At the same time, Scalable software was used to achieve image fusion and automatic correction, so that film images could be accurately matched to the dome screen. When the film is beautifully and accurately presented on the dome screen, its strong sense of immersion and visual impact not only make the serious scientific research display more vivid and interesting, but also provide a new perspective for researchers to study the ancient astronomical and meteorological data.

In the construction process, due to the limited space in the venue, the installation work is very challenging. Wincomn staff planned the installation scheme and structural design according to the actual situation, so that the equipment can be installed in the best position in the limited space.



The whole set of ball screen system achieves the best presentation effect within the budget range of customers, which not only meets the requirements of the Research Institute for high-resolution cinema, fully ensures the use needs of the dome screen cinema in internal study, astronomical research, scientific research and publicity, but also saves the cost of construction, operation and maintenance for the Research Institute, and has been recognized by customers.



Over the years, Wincomn has accumulated rich experience in participating in the construction of dome theater, successively providing 8K 3D active three-dimensional dome theater of Macao Science Museum, "720 spaceship" capsule type 6K active three-dimensional dome theater, "sea of time and space" multiple dome theater of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, "Dream Great Wall" 6K dynamic three-dimensional dome theater, 8K 30 meter diameter dome theater of China Science Museum,large 8K led dome theater "flying over Jiangsu" and other Sunac Lands, Wanda paradise flying ball screen cinema, Shanbei folk song Museum 270 ° dome theater and other dome theaters with various forms and technologies have carried out the construction of audio and video system, overcome many technical challenges.

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