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Wincomn participates in the construction of Shanghai Astronomy M
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Wincomn participates in the construction of Shanghai Astronomy Museum Home Exhibition Area

The successful launch of the Shenzhou-12 manned spacecraft and the first Chinese astronaut's extravehicular activities cheered the whole nation. One miracle after another created by China's space industry has also inspired everyone's enthusiasm for space exploration. In this time, the Shanghai Astronomy Museum was finally officially opened to the public on July 18, unveiling the mystery of the world's largest astronomy museum . As the main exhibition area of "Home" and the construction participant of many exhibitions, Wincomn  introduces the high-tech applications behind the wonderful astronomical exhibitions for you.


Shanghai Astronomy Museum is located in the Lingang section of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, covering an area of 58600 square meters and a building area of 38000 square meters. It is the largest Astronomical Museum in the world.


Its architectural appearance design is unique, circular cave window, ball screen cinemas, inverted dome three circular elements of the sun, the earth and the moon "three body" structure, building spiral shape form "celestial orbit", which not only shows the concept of astronomy, and could track the real movement of the sun in the sky, make the whole building a large astronomical instruments can show time.

内景 (2).jpg

Inside the astronomy museum, there are three main exhibition areas, namely "home", "universe" and "journey". In addition, there are three special exhibition areas, namely "Chinese sky", "curious planet" and "heading for Mars", as well as educational activity areas, such as Xihe solar tower, Wangshu Observatory, ball screen cinema, star sky exploration camp and Star News reception hall, so that the audience can feel the vastness of the universe in an all-round way and experience a multi sensory journey of space exploration.


The Home Exhibition Area

Stepping into the home exhibition area, the blue planet in the middle is the earth,this exhibition item is called "earth change". It is a giant sphere with a diameter of 20 meters. Through high-tech laser high-definition projection, it shows the earth's 4.6 billion year history of geological evolution. The four minute video covers major geological events, climate events and life events in the history of the earth's evolution, Each frame carries a large number of 

scientific research papers. Inside the earth is the astronomical hall, where people can lie down to see the bright starry sky projected by the optical astronomical instrument.

"Earth change" is a huge external projection sphere, which is very rare. Most people may only have seen it at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, but those who can experience and watch it close-up are only at the Shanghai Astronomy Museum.


The blue planet is not only a "main show", but also a mysterious encounter with the audience. When the audience experience the birth game of the universe in the "universe" exhibition area and realize that the earth is hard won today, there will be a "first encounter" at the exit. This strong contrast between reality and virtual makes the audience's emotions constantly change, surprise and feel the magic of the universe; The second meeting was in the "journey" exhibition area. When tourists were in Tianhe core module to experience outer space, they could see the "Earth" as soon as they looked back.


In the "Earth Change" project, Wincomn has completed the rare and challenging construction of the external sphere projection system.

There are three main challenges :

First, the science popularization of the astronomy museum pays the most attention to the scientificity and authenticity. The accurate restoration of images is more stringent than that of general entertainment exhibitions. The images should truly restore the video content without distortion. Therefore, the picture in the projection system can not be distorted or distorted.

Considering the influence of ambient light and sphere material on projection imaging, Wincomn designed several Christie 20600 lumen laser projectors complete the fusion projection of a sphere with a diameter of 20 meters. The super brightness of the projection system is not afraid of the influence of the ambient light. The combination of laser lighting and the unique Christie Boldcolor technology also brings the real, clear and delicate imaging effect for the 

sphere projection. In addition, Wincomn uses 7thSense media server, which is lossless and uncompressed, to ensure the true restoration of the film source, presenting the most vivid and lifelike process of earth change for visitors.

地球变迁 (4).jpg

Second, it is difficult to find a suitable point for the installation of the projector“ There are many obstructions around the earth, and the one in front is the moon. There are also many decorations above the earth. Therefore, it is a difficult problem to avoid the light path occlusion and realize the concealed installation of the projector. After repeated discussions and light path simulation, we finally found a perfect solution, which not only makes the projection picture cover the whole "Earth" perfectly, but also makes tourists immerse without interference.



Third: it's very difficult to debug the projection fusion of external pitching, which is many times more difficult than internal pitching.The outer sphere projection is different from the inner sphere screen projection. It is difficult for the outer sphere projection to see all the pictures at one time, and the outer sphere projection has no longitude and latitude line, so it is difficult to calibrate; Especially in this exhibition, when the installation point of projector is not very ideal, the brightness and resolution are not uniform. The automatic correction system has no precedent in the sphere projection, and the space is limited, so the camera can not work. Double the difficulty factor.


Finally, with more than ten years of professional experience and superb technical level, Yingkang's technical team, through manual calibration, manual debugging, and polishing details bit by bit, finally made the whole outer ball present accurate and realistic picture effect, and became the most amazing item in the museum.

地球变迁 (10).jpg

In the "Home" exhibition area, in addition to the "Earth Change" exhibition, Wincomn also provides 7thSense lossless uncompressed media server for the projection system of two exhibitions of " Picture Scroll of Galaxy " and "Flying over the Galaxy" interactive theater, which ensures the exquisite resentation of high-quality film sources.


The Picture Scroll of Galaxy 


Flying over the Galaxy

Interstellar Crossing

Shanghai Astronomy Museum has achieved the ultimate in immersive science popularization, and "Interstellar Crossing" is one of the manifestations of this characteristic“.The "Interstellar Crossing" runs through the corridor bridge from the first floor to the second floor, 4 meters high and 60 meters long. When the audience passes by, the audience's figure will be reflected into the vast universe on the wall, and will cause changes in the Milky way, just like falling into the Milky way, feeling their connection with the universe. Moreover, through gesture interaction, the audience can unlock the hidden video files in the galaxy and explore more mysteries of the universe.

星际穿越 (1).jpg

In this project, how to project more than 200 square meters of Star River image on the narrow side wall of the corridor bridge has also become a big problem. According to the field situation, Wincomn has designed more than 10 sets of Christie10875 lumen ultra short focus lens laser projectors, which greatly shortens the projection distance. At the same time, it has customized the mechanical structure and completed the lifting of the projector, which perfectly solves this challenge.




Shanghai Astronomy Museum takes "connecting human and the universe" as its design concept, introduces high-tech equipment and advanced technology, carefully designs the environment atmosphere, lighting and sound effects and high simulation scene simulation means, constructs an immersive space experience environment, and encourages people to feel the starry sky, understand the universe and think about the future.

Wincomn is very honored to participate in the construction of the Shanghai Astronomy Museum, providing projection technology and video system support for scientific and rigorous astronomical science popularization, giving the exhibition more dynamic effect, immersive and interactive picture content, making science popularization more vivid and popular.

Statement: all the intellectual property rights of the above exhibition items belong to Shanghai Astronomy Museum! Do not use without authorization!!

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