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Wincomn participated in the construction of Universal Beijing Re
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Universal Beijing Resort, which took nearly 20 years to build with an investment of 50 billion yuan, opened. It is the most advanced representation of world-class technology, art and entertainment, with over 100,000 visitors during the National Day holiday. As a subcontractor of the A/V system of the popular theme area of Universal Beijing Resort, Wincomn has participated in the construction of the highest standard A/V system of it. With the most advanced A/V technology and IP, Wincomn enables visitors to enter the dream world and obtain the ultimate experience of all senses.


Universal Beijing Resort

Universal Beijing Resort is the fifth theme park of Universal Studios in the world. It contains seven major scenic spots, including "Harry Porter", "Transformers ", "Jurassic world" , "Minions Park", "Kung Fu Panda", "Hollywood", "Future water world", 37 recreational facilities and landmark sites. 24 entertainment performances.

Universal Beijing Resort has retained the unique theme style of integrating movie real scenes and playground projects. Every theme scenic spot is committed to creating immersive experiences. It adopts the most advanced movie technology, high-end riding recreational facilities and special effects, and integrate all kinds of the most advanced entertainment forms in the cultural tourism industry.


Harry Porter




Jurassic world

The project requirements study of Wincomn for Universal Beijing Resort  began 5 years ago, and through multiple screening and global bidding, Wincomn became a subcontractor of the A/V system of them.And with more than 10 years of professional experience,Wincomn has completed the construction of high-standard A/V system in the popular theme scenic spot  in 3 years, and provided a large number of advanced A/V equipment and technical support for the whole park.


Kung Fu Panda


Universal citywalk cinema

Since 1996, Wincomn has been deeply engaged in the professional A/V field. In 2008, it participated in the Beijing Olympic Games.Aand in 2010, it participated in more than 40 creative exhibitions in 14 venues of Shanghai World Expo. In 2013, Wincomn set foot in the construction of special cinemas. From Wuhan Wanda Film Park to Universal Beijing  Resort, Wincomn completed the design, installation and commissioning of various special cinemas and dark ride projects. These projects have become China's landmark projects, creating many types of first, Wincomn has become a technical expert, planning expert, construction expert in the field of A/V.



Night of Universal Beijing Resort

Universal Beijing Resort has created a new pattern of cultural and tourism industry in China, and also created a new benchmark of cultural and tourism landmark, becoming a popular place for global tourists to punch in. Through the experience of TheUniversal Beijing Resort project, The professional technical level and project management level of Wincomn has been further improved, and it ranks among the world's first-class A/V system service providers.

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