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Wincomn Creates a Comprehensive Projection Show for HBTOWN(Jinan
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For the unprecedented strategic opportunity for Jinan given by the superposition of the Yellow River National Strategy and the strategy of strengthening the provincial capital, Jinan Urban Construction Group and Huayi Brothers jointly built Huayi Brothers (Jinan) film town. The town deeply combines film IP with urban ID to create a heavy leisure tourism project integrating film and television cultural experience, intangible cultural heritage experience, in-depth interactive entertainment, theme performance and tourism accommodation. With the studio characteristics of "all Jinan, explore the secrets together", the town grasps the cultural code and trend password to help Jinan's cultural and tourism industry shine new opportunities. With its outstanding strength and rich project construction experience in the field of night tour,Wincomn has become the general contractor of the night tour highlight project of Huayi Brothers (Jinan) film town.




The "Night Tourism" project of HBtown (Jinan)  can provide tourists with multi-level and multi-dimensional immersive experience of different festivals and themes on weekends and holidays. The dark night covers the whole film town. The colorful neon lights render the atmosphere of the old time. The performances of newsboys, vendors, song and dance girls and other actors make people feel like traveling through time.



Wincomn is responsible for the town night tourism of the ancient city wall comprehensive light show. The light and shadow show is not only the highlight of the town night tourism, but also the climax of the entertainment link of the town. The magnificent ancient tower becomes the three-dimensional curtain wall under the starry sky at night, and the magnificent light and shadow, like Ma Liang's magic brush, writes down the long history and bright wonders. Light and shadow show film takes film elements and local culture of old Jinan as the main content. Through projection, lighting, sound, laser, smoke, water, fire, snow and other sound and optical technologies and special effects, it creates a multi-sensory viewing experience for tourists.




The ancient city building is a typical Chinese traditional building architectural style. There are pavilions,  walls and gates, with various materials and colors. The concave convex and irregular pavilions have a depth between the pavilions and the wall, and there is a nearly 7m wide wall × The 7-meter-high arc door opening and such a complex building structure have brought many technical challenges to the light and shadow show. At the same time, as one of the important landscapes of the whole town, the projection show should also be harmonious and unified with other architectural landscapes and performances.


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In the design of film source content, Wincomn not only pays attention to the deep integration of Jinan history and culture and Huayi Film IP content, but also customized projection show content with different themes according to different characteristics of major holidays and festivals from the perspective of town operation, so as to maximize the important role of projection show in the year-round operation of town night tourisn.

In terms of projection design, the size of projection is 73.8 meters wide x 29.5 meters high. According to the architectural characteristics and site environment, Wincomn has carried out the analysis of the field of view and professional and meticulous design, so that the film can be harmonious and consistent on the carrier of different shapes, different materials and different background colors. Among them, for the city gate imaging problem, not only to consider the daytime landscape and people in and out, but also to ensure the effect of night tour light show, after continuous experiments and tests, the final design of a clever screen projection scheme.

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For the lighting system, taking ancient buildings as the carrier, film content as the core, combining stage elements and the latest technology, the artistry of light and shadow show is brought into full play, and history is covered with modern gorgeous clothes.

And about sound amplification system, Wincomn has carried out professional sound field design, reasonably designed the installation position of each sound, and strictly protected the equipment, providing reliable and high-quality sound performance for the light show.

The special effects system includes laser, smoke, fire, snow and bubble effects, using advanced technology and environmentally friendly products, adding beautiful visual effects to the whole light show.

How can such a complex multi-system be precisely controlled? Wincomn adopts advanced timeline performance control technology to ensure the coordination and unity of multiple systems, realizing automatic operation and manual control, which greatly saves operation and maintenance costs and has flexibility.





In addition, in terms of strong and weak current, cable laying construction, installation structure design, constant temperature and humidity protection design, Wincomn also makes scientific and reasonable arrangements to ensure the safe operation and use of all systems and equipment.



Supported by rich experience in engineering projects, the projection show created by Wincomn was a great success. The projection show not only becomes the "highlight" of the night tourism of the town, but also maximizes the driving role of the film town in Jinan's "night economy", creates Jinan's urban memory point, enables tourists to fully experience the unique charm of the combination of film IP and City ID, and realizes the "win-win" of urban economy and tourists' emotion.

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