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Wincomn Krinda Creates an Amazing Projection Exhibition for Shaa
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Wincomn Krinda Creates an Amazing Projection Exhibition for Shaanxi Opera Art Museum of China

In recent years, China's traditional culture has been more and more popular among the public, especially the younger generation, and it wants to understand and inherit the essence of China's culture.

Based on such emotional and cultural needs, the first opera culture block in Guyi Agency Block, officially opened in Xi'an, and the Shaanxi Opera Art Museum of China located in the culture block has become a "Star" scenic spot.

In order to better meet the viewing preferences of young people at present, the museum integrates "culture + technology" and uses interactive wall projection, immersive circular screen projection, phantom imaging and other ways to vividly display the historical evolution of Qinqiang opera and the best scenes of famous dramas. Krinda projector, a self-owend brand of Wincomn, participated in the art exhibition of the museum and presented visitors with an exquisite visual feast of Chinese Opera.



The Museum has three floors, with a total construction area of more than 3000 square meters. Through the combination of historical relics and modern science and technology, it shows the audience the birth and development history of Qinqiang opera and the development process of Chinese opera culture.




Qinqiang opera is one of the oldest dramas of the Han nationality in China. It is a national intangible cultural heritage. It is known as the living fossil of national culture. It provides important clues for studying Han culture and tracing ancient art forms. In order to enable tourists to clearly understand the development context of Qinqiang opera history and personally experience the impact of Qinqiang opera culture on the development of Chinese opera, the museum uses a variety of exhibition methods, including literature, cultural relics, pictures and audio-visual materials, the combination of dynamic and static, both listening and visual, and the integration of ancient and modern. Visitors can also enjoy Qinqiang opera aria with earphones in the museum .



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The application of projection in the museum makes the original solemn historical display of Qinqiang opera become lively and full of science and technology. On the immersive screen are Chinese painting style films, dense ink, freehand landscape sketching the history of The Development of Qinqiang Opera, elegant and beautiful picture deeply attracted the attention of tourists; Wall projection will be the classic repertoire into the exhibition hall, visitors can choose the wonderful lyrics, live to enjoy the performance of famous artists; Phantom imaging allows actors to visit the exhibition hall as if in person, and carry out a cultural exchange of Qinqiang opera across time  with visitors.



Wincomn has provided more than ten sets of Krinda laser projectors -Krinda C-WU700L and Krinda C-WU800L for the projection exhibition of the museum. These two projectors adopt Riya high-efficiency blue laser phosphor, and the laser light source has an ultra long service life of 30000 hours, which not only ensures the stable brightness demand during exhibition, but also saves the later operation and maintenance cost of the museum; The adoption of Brightcolor TM technology strengthens the color performance of the projector, makes it have a wider color gamut, and makes the projected picture more bright and delicate; At the same time, through HSG color fine-tuning function, RGB advanced adjustment function and Gamma type selection function, realistic picture color restoration is realized.



The excellent projection display echoes with the displayed exhibits. The exquisite and real film pictures tell the development process of Qinqiang opera history, turning the oral quyi culture into an intuitive picture expression, which makes the exhibition effect of the museum amazing.

At the same time, Krinda projector has excellent noise control ability, which meets the strict requirements of the museum for the business environment and provides a good visiting environment for an endless stream of tourists; The omni-directional installation and high-level dust-proof ability also greatly improve the use stability of all projectors, ensure the use demand of the museum for daily exhibition, and reduce the equipment maintenance pressure of managers.



Now, the Guyi Agency Block and the the Shaanxi Opera Art Museum of China  have become a must see scenic spot for every person in Western Shaanxi and every tourist to Shaanxi. Wincomn Krinda projector will continue to tell the visitors about the past and present life of the development of Qinqiang and convey the connotation and spirit of Chinese traditional culture with a stable and excellent projection.

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