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Wincomn Krinda Projector Creates an Immersive Interactive Projec
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Wincomn Krinda Projector Creates an Immersive Interactive Projection for The Exhibition Hall of Xi'An Beilin Museum

In the case of "Shaanxi Opera Art Museum of China" shared by Wincomn last time, we introduced Krinda projector as a domestic high-end projector brand, which was welcomed by the exhibition hall of the art museum. This time, Krinda has been recognized by Xi'an Beilin Museum and created an immersive projection space for its digital interactive experience exhibition hall. Let's feel the new collision between projection and calligraphy art!



Xi'an stele forest museum is the earliest Museum established in Shaanxi. It mainly collects, displays and studies steles, epitaphs and stone carvings of previous dynasties. It has become a unique art museum in China. Now, in order to make full use of the rich calligraphy resources in the collection and strengthen the digital construction of public culture, Xi'an stele forest museum has launched the "Chinese Calligraphy and Tang Dynasty" stele forest digital experience exhibition hall, which is open to the public free of charge. The project provides tourists with new cultural experience by digital means, mainly through digital means such as intelligent large screen, three-dimensional animation and interactive projection to unlock the famous calligraphy monument of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, touch historical classics and reread Confucian proverbs, so as to bring tourists a vivid experience with rich, diversified and interesting immersive interaction.

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This digital experience exhibition hall takes the famous steles of the Tang Dynasty as the starting point to show tourists the art of calligraphy, the style of famous masters and the story of famous steles, guide the public to better understand the art of calligraphy and stimulate their enthusiasm for traditional culture.

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The experience project is mainly divided into three parts. "The long river of calligraphy", visitors can "touch" the national treasure calligraphy stela by clicking and touching, and feel the charm of calligraphy culture; "Copying inscriptions", visitors can form the final text effect by touching the writing form according to the moving line of the strokes drawn, and display the classic sentences of the inscriptions written by tourists, so as to deepen tourists' impression and understanding of calligraphy allusions; "Kaicheng Shijing", visitors can click any word or phrase flying on the wall to light up the sentence where the word is located, and open a card to show the source and interpretation of the paragraph where the whole sentence is located. Each card has a two-dimensional code. After scanning the code, tourists can generate a corresponding digital card on the mobile phone, which can be saved to the photo album for dissemination and sharing or set as wallpaper.

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Krinda projector is responsible for all the projection work in the exhibition hall, projecting three walls, creating an immersive space, cooperating with interactive devices and equipment, giving new life to calligraphy art and realizing the "intimate" contact between tourists and calligraphy art.

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This project adopts the newly launched upgraded products of Krinda, which can meet the mainstream needs of conference rooms, exhibitions and other markets. It has optimized and improved brightness, color uniformity, silence, weight, management software and active maintenance.

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It adopts Riya high-efficiency blue laser phosphor with ultra long service life, which not only ensures the stable presentation of the projection picture, but also saves the later operation and maintenance cost of the equipment.

The projector adopts advanced image processing engine and top-level optical components, which can make the details of calligraphy projection picture more beautiful and delicate, and ensure the immersion during interactive experience; The silent operation of the equipment meets the strict requirements of the silent environment in the exhibition hall and ensures the viewing experience of tourists; The management software and active maintenance function of the machine also make the management, monitoring and maintenance of the equipment more convenient, saving manpower for the management of the museum.

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The development and innovation of cultural and creative products have become the mainstream pursuit of the museum industry. The opening of the digital interactive exhibition hall of Xi'an Beilin Museum can not only spread the traditional culture to the public in novel and novel ways, but also make the museum more attractive, improve the number of visitors to the museum, and bring more vitality and vitality to the museum. The quality of Krinda projector is very in line with the needs of museums and exhibition industries for innovation.  It can create unimaginable application effects with high-quality performance and give customers value-added use experience.

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