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Wincomn creates the ultimate immersion for the dark ride of trac
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Wincomn creates the ultimate immersion for the dark ride of trackless spacecraft " Ten thousand A.D. "

Bailuyuan Studios is a comprehensive theme park integrating film and television shooting, wonderful performing arts, cultural creativity, food and folk customs, leisure and entertainment, which is built by Shaanxi tourism group. It covers an area of 700000 square meters and is based on the original work of Chen Zhongshi's novel "Bailuyuan". It has many theme areas, such as Bailu village, Zishui County, landscape footpath, creative culture area and amusement park. It is not only the epitome of Guanzhong culture, It is also a comprehensive tourism park integrating science and technology and immersive experience.



In order to improve the layout of the project, further deepen the theme cultural amusement IP of the scenic spot and bring new experience of cultural, scientific and technological tourism to tourists, Bailuyuan Studios has built the first large-scale immersive trackless and unmanned spacecraft dark riding project in China - " Ten thousand A.D.". Wincomn is responsible for the video and audio system of the project, creating immersive epic film visual effect, and is responsible for the general control system of the project to realize the full immersion experience of "frame synchronization" level.





As the first large-scale immersive trackless dark riding project in China, " Ten thousand A.D." takes the imaginative A.D. 10000, the earth is frozen, people cross different stars and look for the future as the theme. 360° visual dead angle free, trackless and unmanned spacecraft are used in the whole process. At the same time, stage scenery, small spacing led wall, laser projector projection, interactive dynamic platform Giant mechanical devices and other advanced technical means created a highly immersive and realistic story space, and invited the new generation directors of the film academy to grasp the structure and polish the details from the story logic, situation setting to technical presentation.

The trackless spacecraft has abandoned the traditional fixed orbit, and the path has more changes. It can be planned arbitrarily, and even realize the simultaneous operation of multiple paths and vehicles. Combined with the application of various scientific and technological means, tourists can not only obtain the full sensory experience of vision, hearing, touch and smell, but also obtain the emotional experience of narrative and story, as well as the cultural experience of spiritual pursuit and value recognition.






In order to create sensory immersion and narrative immersion, the project uses rich and changeable laser projection to create visual effects and story presentation, including phantom imaging, full wrapped circular screen, immersive ball screen, straight screen, clip screen, wall, tunnel, etc. Wincomn has designed the best projection scheme, lossless and uncompressed media playback scheme and frame synchronous performance control scheme, which not only presents high dynamic range, high frame rate, high resolution The film image with wide color gamut also makes the whole story smooth and smooth, and tourists experience colorful fantasy.







Wincomn is also responsible for the most challenging work of the project - project general control, coordinating the precise cooperation between video and audio, lighting, special effect system, machine model system and trackless car system, integrating all elements of the whole project, seamlessly connecting, and finally presenting a complete, smooth and uninterrupted performance, meeting the high-quality design and high-quality requirements of the project, so as to achieve the organic unity of acoustic photoelectric technology, performance aesthetics and director art.




Different from the ordinary dark ride that emphasizes the effect of equipment, " Ten thousand A.D." has strict requirements for professional directors. Starting from the feelings of tourists, they grasp the effect connection of each picture detail and movement link, and fully mobilize the interaction between tourists' emotion and story development, so as to achieve the effect of guided immersion experience. At the same time, the trackless spacecraft equipment is no longer the vehicle for tourists to shuttle in the theme story, but becomes a part of the story. It not only enables the scenic spot to realize the in-depth integrated development of "tourism + culture + science and technology", but also brings tourists a new amusement experience with a stronger sense of independent experience and unknown exploration.





Over the years, Wincomn has participated in many dark riding projects of first-class theme parks, such as the "Harry Potter Taboo Tour"and the "Battle for the Fire Source of Transformers" in Universal Beijing Resort, the "Three Fights with Baigujing" super sensory flying ball screen dark ride in Huai'an Xiyou World of Adventure, "Bravely Breaking into the Pansi Hole" 6-DOF virtual real combination dark ride, the "Tianlu Adventure" large-scale sky screen dark riding in Chengdu Sunac Land,Jianye Huayi town theme park dark ride, Wuxi Sunac Land· “Final Sea Battle” dark ride, Shenzhen OCT "Four Thousand Miles Away from the Earth" dark ride, etc. For dark rides with different styles and characteristics, Wincomn can provide customers with the best video and audio system construction scheme with rich experience.

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