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Outdoor projection show has become the highlight of night tour.
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Outdoor projection show has become the highlight of night tour. How to choose projection equipment?

In the last article, "how was an amazing projection show born?", We introduced the production process of projection show film. What kind of projection equipment should be used to perfectly reproduce the film in buildings or natural landscapes? This article will continue to answer your questions.

Why is the projection show so popular in the cultural tourism area?

First of all, the scene is grand, the effect is gorgeous and eye-catching. The projection show is very easy to create a lively and happy atmosphere, and the momentum building effect is very significant. In addition, the projection show can convey profound stories and realize the integration and sublimation of technology, art and culture; Second, the advantages of the equipment. The projector has the characteristics of environmental protection and safety. The projector uses optical imaging, which consumes less power and weighs less. In the process of projection, it does not damage the building surface or affect the urban landscape; Third, the projector can project flexibly. The projector can image on different buildings, making the projection area "moving"; Fourth, it can achieve amazing naked eye 3D animation effects. Through "3D" effects and image processing combined with the structural characteristics of buildings, it can produce many novel effects, such as rotation, swing, explosion, penetration, etc., which can be exciting and impressive.

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Now, let's take several classic projection show projects of Wincomn as examples to let you experience the charm of various projection shows.

Quanjiao Taiping ancient city Jinfu building projection show

Wincomn provided several 20000 lumen laser projectors for the Jinfu building projection show, so that the films produced by Wincomn can be clearly displayed on the ancient buildings with complex structures. They are beautiful and eye-catching, and have become the "Star" project of the night tour performance of Taiping ancient city.


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Projection Show for HBTOWN(Jinan)

The comprehensive light and film show of the ancient city wall is the highlight of the night tour of the town. Wincomn uses more than ten 20000 lumen laser projectors to complete the effect of the overall projection show of the ancient city wall, making the light and film show the "highlight" of the town, and maximizing the driving role of the film town in Jinan's "night economy".

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Large marching Island light and shadow performance project of  " Fairy Mountain in Dream"

" Fairy Mountain in Dream"is to create a projection performance in the natural scenic spot. Mountains, cliffs, ground and sea reefs have become the projection carriers. Wincomn has adopted dozens of laser projectors in the project, of which the night tour main show "dream of finding fairy mountain · legend of God of the sea" is a cliff projection. In order to ensure the effect of the projection show in the natural environment, Wincomn has adopted more than ten 20000 lumen projectors to complete the projection show.

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Nanhai Park light and shadow art interactive projection project

The projection show of Nanhai park is a projection show with interactive experience. Ten 20000 lumen laser projectors cover the 1500 square meter Park floor with flowers, lotus leaves and Koi, making the night in the park interesting and dreamlike.

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"Charming Wuhu" riverside bridge tower projection show

The Linjiang bridge tower in Wuhu City is a modern building in the shape of a fish. Its surface is covered with aluminum alloy panels and glass curtain walls, which makes it difficult to project. In order to ensure the effect, Wincomn uses several 25000 lumen projectors to complete the overall projection, which not only ensures the picture effect, but also makes the whole bridge tower lively and interesting, and decorates the moving night scene in Wuhu City.

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Projection show of new year performance of Beijing Film Academy

This projection show was arranged by Beijing Film Academy to celebrate the landing of the new site and the new year's day. The content of the projection show was the works polished by students. It was performed in the school library and the teaching building. In order to meet the needs of the performance, Wincomn chose a 20000 lumen laser projector to complete the projection, bringing a pleasant and joyful audio-visual enjoyment to the teachers and students of Beiying Film Academy.




Although not all cases can be listed, it can be seen from the above cases that the 20000-25000 lumen laser projector has become a popular choice in projection shows for different environments and different carriers.

Among the single DLP laser projectors with a brightness of 20000+ in the current market, the Optoma CUL25K/CUL20K flagship engineering machine stands out as a high-quality choice for various projection show projects, which can not only provide amazing picture effects, but also have a certain cost advantage.

From Zhongqiang optoelectronics group (a listed company in Taiwan), the world's largest projector manufacturer, Optoma has the most complete and focused resource investment and mastery in the industry in key components, R & D, manufacturing and after-sales service. With this advantage, Optoma continues to develop first-class products that meet the needs of users.



These two new products use 0.96 inch DMD chip, with WUXGA resolution, brightness of 25000 lumens and 20000 lumens respectively, and contrast of 2000000:1 (TBD). They use red and blue laser light source, with a service life of 20000 hours, which is more energy-saving and environmental friendly.

In order to meet the needs of engineering installation, it supports nine lenses with different focal lengths, and has the installation advantages of electric lens zoom / focusing, electric lens displacement and so on. In the scheme of multiple splicing and fusion projects, it supports four corner adjustment, surface adjustment, edge fusion functions, and 360 ° free direction projection, making installation more free. It also supports pip/pbp, displays HDR images, supports proservice, and meets the needs of various high-end applications for calling.


Among them, Optoma CUL25K projector, with its two-color laser light source and high brightness of up to 25000lm, has become the single DLP projector with the highest lumen brightness in the 20000+ brightness segment on the market. Its intelligent focus, intelligent color calibration and intelligent fusion splicing can easily achieve clear, consistent and seamless panoramic image integration. It not only has excellent performance comparable to 3-dlp products, but also has the cost advantage of 1dlp. It is a popular choice in the 1-dlp laser engineering projector market.

A stunning projection show should not only be refreshing in content, but also ensure the perfect, stable and efficient operation of the entire projection system in terms of the selection of projection equipment. Finally, with the cooperation of high-quality content and advanced equipment, it will present a shocking visual feast for the audience.

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