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Viacom planning exhibition hall opened, and Wincomn Krinda proj
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Viacom planning exhibition hall opened, and Wincomn Krinda projector built an immersive exhibition hall for it

Recently, Meishan Viacom planning exhibition hall was officially opened. With its beautiful architectural appearance and rich cultural and creative elements, it has become a new landmark for the implementation of cultural and tourism industry in Mindong new area of Meishan City.



Viacom international cultural and creative project, with a total investment of 36.8 billion yuan and a total area of 364 mu, is another major cultural and creative project introduced by Meishan City in recent years in addition to high-end cultural and tourism projects such as LEGO Park and Evergrande children's world. The project focuses on the international film and television brands of Viacom group, such as Nick animation, MTV, paramount, and other industries, including animation, music, and film and television. At the same time, it integrates Chinese excellent traditional cultural elements such as Dongpo culture, and strives to build a world-class digital cultural and creative new city.

The Viacom planning exhibition hall is the window of the Viacom project, and also lays a solid foundation for the construction of the Viacom project as a "world-class tourism destination".



Wincomn Krinda projectors was selected by users with excellent strength and participated in the construction of arc immersed exhibition hall of the exhibition hall. Located on the first floor of the exhibition hall, the exhibition hall is the first immersive exhibition project for visitors to visit. The height of the exhibition hall is about 3.4m, and the arc wall is about 27m long. Adhering to the winding and beautiful architectural style of the exhibition hall, the space in the exhibition hall is also circuitous. The pictures covering the wall top, ground and arc wall wrap the tourists, which is dreamy and full of immersion.




Wincomn provided nearly 20 Krinda C-WU800L laser projectors for the exhibition hall to complete the immersive visual creation of the exhibition hall. This projector is a flagship product of Krinda brand in the range of 6000-10000 lumens. It has complete functions, intelligence, vivid colors and perfect integration. It can meet the mainstream needs of conference rooms, exhibitions and other markets, and has been optimized in terms of brightness uniformity, color performance, image correction and fusion, mute, weight, management software, active maintenance, etc.



The projector adopts laser light source, Texas Instruments DLP technology, 0.67 "DMD chip, is compatible with 4K signal input, and supports active / passive 3D. It has a long service life of 30000 hours, which saves customers' later operation and maintenance costs and makes the use of the exhibition hall more efficient and energy-saving.




The projector adopts advanced image processing engine and top-level optical components, so that the image brightness uniformity reaches an ultra-high level of 95%; The brightcolor technology strengthens the color performance of the projector and makes the projected picture more beautiful and delicate; Through HSG color fine adjustment function, RGB advanced adjustment function and gamma type selection function, more accurate picture color restoration can be realized according to the use environment.




And, Krinda C-WU800L has built-in image correction and edge fusion functions, which can freely adjust the range of the fusion area, make regional complementary color and display screen adjustment, and have a variety of fusion mode options, which is very suitable for the large-area multi projection fusion application in the exhibition hall, so that the projection screen on the arc wall can maintain perfect consistency.

The excellent structural design of the projector can realize 360 ° all-round flexible installation, ultra quiet, efficient dust prevention and other characteristics, which is very suitable for the use needs of the immersive exhibition hall.


The excellent performance of Kridan projector makes the film picture perfectly match with the arc-shaped exhibition hall space. The concave convex wall is matched with the three-dimensional film to create an immersive effect similar to naked eye 3D, making the immersive space full of vitality and a strong sense of breathing. The whole immersive exhibition echoes with the "static and dynamic" curved architectural shape of the exhibition hall, achieving harmony between the inside and outside of the exhibition hall, and bringing visitors a more high-quality visiting experience.


Krinda projector is welcomed by the market for its excellent quality. It has been used in Shanghai Songcheng, "720 crossing spacecraft", Regal paradise, Shaanxi opera art museum, Xi'an Beilin Museum, China Silk Museum, Beijing Film Academy architectural projection show, Haidong Salzburg architectural projection show, National Defense University, China Mobile, China Shipbuilding heavy industry, an armed police team, a simulation research institute and other projects. It is a wise choice for meeting rooms, exhibitions, immersive performances, night tourism, theme parks, simulation, scientific research and other fields.

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