The "Wuzhuang Taoist temple" magic theater

Author: Wincomn


In the series of articles on Huai'an Xiyou World of Adventure, we have introduced you to two super exciting experience projects -'Three Fights with Baigujing' super sensory flying ball screen dark ride and'Bravely breaking into the Pansi hole' 6-DOF virtual real combination dark ride . This time, Wincomn will introduce you to the 'Wuzhuang Taoist temple' magic theater, which is suitable for tourists of all ages.


The magic theater  perfectly presents the story of  Sun Wukong eating ginseng and fruit to make trouble at Wuzhuang 

taoist temple through high-tech means such as sound, light and holographic images, combined with the form of real-life performance, stage performance and interactive interpretation of the sky screen.


According to the story content, the magic theater space is designed to look like Wuzhuang temple. Tourists entering from the theater gate seem to enter the story with a full sense of participation. Tourists will first understand the causes and consequences of the destruction of ginseng fruit in Wuzhuang temple during the projection performance in the preview area, and then enter the starring hall that can accommodate 300 people to watch the thrilling and tortuous process of Monkey King's healing live fruit trees.


In order to make the theater performance more in line with the legendary color of the novel Journey to the West and restore the wonderful 'fighting' plot, the theater adopts the form of combination of upper and lower scenes, phantom imaging and interactive interpretation of actors. The Theater Projection scene is divided into three parts: the sky curtain above the main stage, the phantom imaging in the middle of the stage, and the scene switching projection area behind the stage.  


Compared with the fixed props of the traditional theater, the way of switching the stage scene at any time by projection not only saves the stage space, but also makes the scene transformation more flexible and can better render the plot atmosphere; The part of phantom imaging makes the sense of space and hierarchy of the stage more obvious. With the help of phantom imaging, actors can realize various magic changes on the stage, which not only makes the 'Xiyou' more vivid, but also makes the performance effect more interesting and legendary; The use of sky screen projection further enlarges the stage performance space, and the projection picture can spread from the stage to the sky screen, which greatly expands the viewing range of the audience and makes the performance more shocking. The 'celestial world' picture projected through the sky screen is clearly different from the 'human world' on the stage. When all tourists look at the 'Guanyin' in the air with the actors, This small interaction can make tourists more immersed in the plot.


Wincomn adopts 7thSense media server for the projection system of the project. Its lossless and uncompressed characteristics ensure the true restoration of the film source in various projection designs. It is difficult to distinguish the true and false projection roles of 'phantom imaging' and real actors, and the virtual and real scenes are integrated into one; Alcorn performance control system is adopted to accurately control the cooperation of each performance link; Extron optical fiber products are adopted to ensure the stability and reliability of long-distance transmission of stage signal source.

Finally, the projection screen, together with the acoustic and photoelectric special effects in the theater and the wonderful performances of actors, presented a vivid, real, fantastic and wonderful 'Wuzhuang Taoist temple' story for tourists, so that tourists enjoyed a new audio-visual feast.

This is the end of the series of projects of Huai'an Xiyou World of Adventure park. Wincomn will present more wonderful projects for you in the future. Please look forward to it~