Wincomn has been selected as a national cultural industry demonstration base

Wincomn won the 'Top 10 Emerging Products' award

Krinda C-WU1200L Projector won the 'Top 10 User Recommended Integrators' award


Wincomn won the 'Top Ten Classic Application Cases Award' of the Digital Audio Video (the surreal immersive exhibition hall project of 2022 CIFTIS)

Wincomn won the 'Top Ten User Recommended Integrator Award' of Digital Audio Video

Metaverse VR/AR/MR/XR Excellent Hardware Award - Flight simulator

Excellent Digital Cultural Tourism Project Award -- Tianding Lake International Tourism Resort Globe Screen Cinema

Outstanding Immersive Visual Solution Award -- Surreal Immersive Exhibition Hall project

Excellent Digital Equipment Product Award -- Krinda T20/T50 Professional simulation Projector

Krinda provides projection equipment for the immersive interactive theater 'Fantasy World · The Wizard of Oz'


Wincomn participated in the completion of the first large-scale immersive trackless and unmanned spaceship dark riding project in China, 'Ten thousand A.D.'

Wincomn Exhibition Hall is officially open for visitors

Wincomn Krinda projector creates an immersive exhibition hall for the 2022 CIFTIS

Wincomn won the Innovation Award · Design Award (New Flight Simulator)

Wincomn won the 2021 Golden Crown Award in Entertainment Industry (Outstanding Light and Water Curtain and Performance Provider) (Award case: Haihua Island and Universal Studios)

Krinda C-WU800L projector won the 2021 Annual Digital Audio Video Top Ten New Products Award


Wincomn Kang Hi Miwu Populus Populus Forest Project was thanked by the owner

Wincomn own projector brand 'Kedar' won the 2021 projector brand award

Wincomn 'Beijing Universal Studios Project' won the 2021 Excellent Case Award

C-WU800L projector won the digital audiovisual industry of the 'Top Ten Emerging Products' Award in the digital audiovisual industry

Wincomn won the Excellent Booth Award of the Service Fair Online

Wincomn won the amusement industry · Golden Crown Award Outstanding Light and Shadow Water Screen and Performing Art Supplier Award for the Global Studios and Haihua Island Project


Wincomn won the information -based audiovisual industry benchmark project Ding Fan Award with the ASEAN Big Data Lab project

2019-2020 Annual Informatization and Audiovisual Industry Agent/Integrated Shangfeng Bridge Award

Beijing Integrity Enterprise

Thanks to the owner of the silver -based animal kingdom

Wincomn won a large -screen projection display equipment industry with the case of the silver -based animal kingdom

Wincomn won the 2020 large screen industry system integration engineering award

Wincomn won 2020 China Outstanding Light Shadow, Water curtain and performing arts service provider/equipment supplier award


Wincomn is elected vice president unit of the 8th Council of the China Electronic Video Industry Association

Chairman Chen Honghui was elected vice chairman of the Council of the China Electronic Video Industry Association

Chairman Chen Honghui won the 'Special Contribution Award' of Ke Shi

Wincomn won the best cultural tourism creative projection solution award for the Case of Dongyi Cultural Museum

Wincomn won the Best Brand Award of the Chongqing Cultural Expo

Wincomn List of Top 100 Private Enterprise Cultural Enterprises in Beijing

Wincomn won the 2019 Excellent Case Award for the Guangzhou Sunac Park Project


Wincomn won the 'Best Effect Award of China theme Park' with the 'Fantasy Light' ball cinema project of Badaling Great Wall

Wincomn participated in the Hunan Museum's Tomb Pit Project

Wincomn won the excellent case award of Chinese cultural equipment with the Hunan Provincial Museum's Tomb Pit Project

Wincomn ranks 49th in the top 100 private enterprises in Beijing

Wincomn won the top ten brand awards for the 2018 System Integration

Wincomn won the 2018 Annual System Integrated Engineering Award

Wincomn won the 2018 Excellent Case Award for the projection show of the Dongyi Cultural Museum 'Damei Yi Song' projection show

Wincomn won the 2018 Top Ten User Recommendation System Integration Merchants Award

Wincomn won the best agent and integrator in 2018

Wincomn won the 2018 Best Case Award for the case of 'Zen Holy Realm · Liu Zuhui' case


Wincomn participated in Harbin Wanda Paradise projection project

Wincomn won the '2017 Excellent Case Award' with the Changchun City Planning Exhibition Hall project

Wincomn won the '2017 Large Screen Industry System Integrated Engineering Merchants Award' issued by the 2017 Summit of the Audiovisual Industry Summit Forum

Wincomn won the annual engineering case award with 'Hancheng' The Soul of the Great River '

Wincomn projection project with the 'Big Porcelain Bottle' projection project won the 'Chinese Amusement Products Creative Design Award' in the Ski Award selection

Wincomn won the title of 'Top Ten User Recommendations System Integrities'

Wincomn was awarded 'Excellent System Integrated Engineers'

Wincomn won the China Video Association's large -screen projection equipment branch 'advanced member '


Wincomn won the 'Excellent System Integrated Merchants of the Year' award in the big screen industry

Wincomn participated in Nanchang Wanda Film Park 'Flying to Jiangxi', 'Zhong Kui Sending Kiss' and 'Big Vase' project

Wincomn participated in Nanchang Marine Paradise Marine Theater Project

Wincomn won the best display award in the 'Hongbo Award' item in the Bo Expo

Wincomn won the annual engineering case award for the 'Dream Great Wall' stereo theater project

Wincomn participated in the dance poem 'Dai Zhai Family' project

Wincomn participated in the 'Dongpo Hainan' dance drama project

Wincomn participated in the first 'bowl -shaped CAVE' in China -Yancheng Smart City Exhibition Hall Project

The 'collaborative virtual reality environmental system' provided by Yingkang Technology serves a study of Aerospace Technology Group


Wincomn won the annual 'Grand Award of the Big Screen Industry System Integration Project' with the Wuhan Wanda Project '

Wincomn participated in the large -scale magical modern dance drama 'Yanqiu Ci' project of the Taiyuan Dance Troupe

Wincomn won the IAAPA active integrity member certificate

Wincomn participated in the Digital Exhibition Hall of the Qianlong South Tour of the National Museum of China

Wincomn participated in Yokodo Yuanming New Park Happy Night Fuhai Scenic Area water curtain projection project

Wincomn participated in the Wanda Shuangna International Tourism Resort Daixiu Theater Project

Wincomn won the two prizes of 'Annual Incarnation of the Year' and 'Annual Solution'