Wincomn has been selected as a national cultural industry demonstration base

Wincomn won the 'Top 10 Emerging Products' award

Krinda C-WU1200L Projector won the 'Top 10 User Recommended Integrators' award


Wincomn won the 'Top Ten Classic Application Cases Award' of the Digital Audio Video (the surreal immersive exhibition hall project of 2022 CIFTIS)

Wincomn won the 'Top Ten User Recommended Integrator Award' of Digital Audio Video

Metaverse VR/AR/MR/XR Excellent Hardware Award - Flight simulator

Excellent Digital Cultural Tourism Project Award -- Tianding Lake International Tourism Resort Globe Screen Cinema

Outstanding Immersive Visual Solution Award -- Surreal Immersive Exhibition Hall project

Excellent Digital Equipment Product Award -- Krinda T20/T50 Professional simulation Projector

Krinda provides projection equipment for the immersive interactive theater 'Fantasy World · The Wizard of Oz'


Wincomn participated in the completion of the first large-scale immersive trackless and unmanned spaceship dark riding project in China, 'Ten thousand A.D.'

Wincomn Exhibition Hall is officially open for visitors

Wincomn Krinda projector creates an immersive exhibition hall for the 2022 CIFTIS

Wincomn won the Innovation Award · Design Award (New Flight Simulator)

Wincomn won the 2021 Golden Crown Award in Entertainment Industry (Outstanding Light and Water Curtain and Performance Provider) (Award case: Haihua Island and Universal Studios)

Krinda C-WU800L projector won the 2021 Annual Digital Audio Video Top Ten New Products Award